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Date: September 14, 2020

A few days ago a major online leak about one of Xbox’s next gen console started circulating rapidly on the web. Xbox decided to just come out, announce and confirm that the leak was true. A cheaper costing version of it’s next gen console would be selling for $299. This was a very huge shocker, no one and I mean no one, ever thought or imagined that the price of a next gen console would be under $400 let a alone under $300. All the guesses and estimates were around that $599 and maybe the lowest being $499. So when xbox did it’s price reveal for both console (the lower end at $299 and the main console at $499), It made both sides of the console wars happy.





Why Xbox fans are Happy

First, because there’s a cheaper version. It’s natural for people not wanting to spend a fortune on a gaming console, some already had it ruled out that they would not be getting a next gen console till way later after the launch. After seeing the price reveals, a lot of those people are now looking at it like, “ok I might actually be able to get one of those 2 versions”. Parents are definitely ecstatic for the typical young kid who just plays whenever they are allowed, buying a $600 dollar console was a bit worrisome. Now they can buy a lower end version of the next gen, which will satisfy their kids gaming needs without too much comprise if any at all. Xbox was smart enough to consider it’s hardcore gamers while also being considerate of the average person who just likes to play form time to time. The design isn’t bad either, though it is always joked upon with hilarious memes online. All in all, Xbox fans have 2 great options for next gen. Both at really great prices, compared to what everyone originally estimated.





Why Sony Fans are Happy

 Playstation fans were delighted at Xbox’s price reveal. Not because they’re thinking of switching over, but because it means that Sony will most likely be forced to have their prices close in order to be competitive. Whatever prices Playstation had in mind for their next gen consoles just got thrown out the window, sort of. I’m pretty sure they were not expecting Xbox to stoop that low with their console prices.

Now they can do two things, lower theirs to be somewhere in the ball park of their rival’s or stay the course with a higher price. If Sony believes that their console in the better next gen console with more to offer, it could keep a higher price while pushing the message of it’s gonna be worth the price. People will still buy it and they will still sell units. However gamers like myself are sitting their with huge smiles on our faces, because we feel and hope that Sony chooses to be competitive. Which means a lower costing PS5 prices, that I and many others would gladly welcome.

Whatever console you side with, The Xbox price reveal was good news. Curious to see what Sony does next, the time is ticking PS5.

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