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Date: September 13, 2012

magic sims 3 supernatural witch casting spellsThe latest Sims 3 expansion pack, Supernatural has finally been released giving all your Sims the chance to get in touch with their spooky side. The seventh (I think) expansion brings you vampires, werewolves, ghosts, fairies and witches plus more items than you can wave a wand at. Over the past few days I have been rather ill, with just enough brainpower sample a few things that this expansion has to offer. I’ve only played witches so far and it turns out that witches are really rather special and by special I mean they’re the Sims 3 equivalent the offspring of Harry Potter and the Duracell bunny.

I created my evil, loner witch called Paul (yes, a witch called Paul. What?) I set him up in his own little house in Moonlight Falls which is the new fantastically magical town in this expansion.

Each of the new errr… races I suppose, have been designed to provide something new. Truth be told, I have had so much fun with my witch that I haven’t had chance to play any of the other supernatural types yet. So I will leave them for another time. So without further ado, witches and just why they’re so darn good…

…or another way of putting it, why are witches just one big win button?


I created my witch with no overt magical traits (I don’t think they exist) I gave him evil, loner, perfectionist, neat and dislikes children, so nothing spooky in there. I waited the painfully long time for the final loading screen to sort out all the new things and jumped straight in to using my wand (no euphemism intended).

The first time I used it I got the convert item spell. This handy little spell lets you change any one item into another randomly generated item. So you can turn an apple into a piranha, or a piece of copper ore into a lime, you get the idea. Well, the first time I tried it, I turned one of the eggs from the fridge into a ruby worth over 5,000 simoleans. I couldn’t believe it so I tried again, and again and again. I was soon loaded with more money than any one-day old sim should have and only spending the equivalent of what was in the fridge.

…and the magic goodness does not stop there, there are spells to set people on fire or freeze them. There’s even magic to completely fill the targets bladder, hygiene and hunger bars, and this does work on you. So once you learn this spell and assuming you don’t squander your magic you will never have to wash, eat or go to the toilet again.

There is even magic that can magically upgrade an item. A witch can upgrade any item that a skilled handyman can upgrade in only a few seconds.

witches potions elixirs sims 3 supernatural alchemy tableNext, lets talk about alchemy. For those who don’t know alchemy is potion making. You use ingredients found throughout the world, to make potions that have ridiculously good effects. To research new potions all you have to do is select Research Alchemy from the alchemy table and you will research a new spell. There is no element of chance involved, you will always learn a new spell. Except for seven or so which can only be bought. These potions invariably have a good and bad version, so there are potions that make people like you, or hate you, increase your ability to learn skills, or get promoted, potions that turn the drinker into a fairy, werewolf, vampire, scary –ass clown and there’s even a Fountain of Youth Elixir. Yep, one swig of that and your sim goes all the way back to being a young adult with all his accumulated skills of course. The ingredients are a little tricky to get I have to admit, but keep converting items and you’ll get everything you need soon enough. The handiest potion to create, and it was one I learned right at the very start, was elixir of invigoration. It is very easy to make and it restores a lot of energy to the drinker.

Be a gardener. If you are an alchemist you have little choice, you will need to grow mandrake, and wolfsbane and so on. I magically created so many perfect or outstanding seeds with my magic, that my garden was growing perfect plants within only a few days. I soon got the perfect planting skill bonus to add to the rest of my achievements.

So, are you convinced? What, you’re not? Ok, then allow me to go over it all again.

  • My witch can use his magic to replenish his bladder, hygiene and hunger bars in only a few seconds.
  • He can create potions that restore energy in the same amount of time.
  • By creating 150 potions which he has done, you will always create three potions at a time.
  • There are fountain of youth potions to restore days worth of life, which with the above give me three elixirs. Three lifetimes is a long time to find more ingredients.
  • I can magically upgrade items…
  • Oh, and finally and even I have to admit that this is a bit dodgy, but I cast a love charm on someone and two days later we were married and she was pregnant. That’s all I’m saying.

I’m hoping that Sims 3 Supernatural has just as many cool things for fairies, werewolves, zombies and vampires that witches have. Somehow I doubt it.

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8 years ago

Great little review, thanks!

8 years ago

I’m looking for a list of items that can be upgraded via Magic and Not through handiness. By my calculations there are 4 (the wardrobe included). Do you know the other three?

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