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Date: September 17, 2012

witch sims 3 supernatural cover artwork boxSince I wrote the post about all the fun I’ve been having playing a witch in the new expansion for Sims 3 Supernatural, I’ve been receiving a fair amount of questions and requests for more information. I took a long and interesting look through the search queries that brought people to this blog, took all the Sims 3 Supernatural  queries that appeared more often and did my best to answer them below.

Glad to be of help…

How can I get a witch sim?

There are a number of ways that you can get a witch sim.

  • You can create one straight away from the character creator, move them into the town and go from there.
  • You can get an existing sim to drink a Bottled Witches Brew or to have one thrown at them which will turn the sim into a witch. A Bottled Witches brew can be made at the alchemy table with a toad, a light beetle and some Moonstone.
  • Any offspring of a supernatural has a 50% chance of passing that on to their children, so if you want more of a story-friendly approach to getting a witch, simple get your sim to produce children with an existing witch one of them will likely become a witch as a teenager.


How do I cast spells?

magic sims 3 supernatural witch casting spells

Select the sim or the wand in their inventory, click on it and select ‘Play with Magic’. (If your witch does not have a wand then you can buy one from the object buy screen. They are easier to find within the Sims 3 Supernatural only objects). Within a few moments you will have learnt your first spell. Simply click on the target for the spell, select ‘Cast Charm’, ‘Cast Spell’ or ’Cast Curse’ from the radial menu and then the spell you want to cast. Hey presto, your first spell.

Why is my witches magic bar empty?

Each time your witch casts a spell you will use a small amount of that sims magical energy, as the magic bar gets closer to the bottom the sim will get a moodlet warning that it is getting near to being depleted.  If a Sim uses up all of their magical energy then you will get a moodlet saying that their  magic is exhausted and it will be a whole 6 hours before they can cast another spell. My advice is to stop your sim using their magic when you receive the first moodlet. If you don’t drain your supply completely it will naturally start to build back up again straight away.

One other point to note is that during a full moon you can cast as many spells as you want because your magical energy bar will not decrease, no matter how many spells you cast.

How do I refill my magic bar?

If your bar does get depleted then there is only really two ways to restore your magic supply. You can either wait until the 6 hour moodlet has passed and your magic has built back up again. Or you can drink an Essence of Magic potion. This potion will completely restore a witch or fairy’s magic bar. The Essence of Magic potion can be made at the alchemy table by mixing honey, and any mushroom.

How does my witch get better at casting spells?

In short they just need to practice. Being a witch does not have levels in the way that a career has, or at least if it does they are hidden. You unlock new spells by casting spells. The more you use your magic the more chance you have of unlocking more spells. It doesn’t matter what spells you cast as long as you are using magic. Playing with magic has the same effect, but it uses less magic than casting specific spells.

Can my witch marry?

Yes they can. In this respect they are like a ‘normal’ sim, they can marry any other sim assuming that the prospective partner has the inclination to marry the witch of course. Love does not respect supernatural boundaries anymore than genetic ones, so your witch can marry another witch, a werewolf, vampire or fairy.

What are the most useful traits / skills for a witch?

In my opinion being a witch is all about alchemy and magic. Magic doesn’t get any boosts from any particular trait or skill. It’s just something you practice and get better at. There aren’t any skills or traits that can really help with that.

Alchemy, well that’s a different matter altogether. Alchemy can be helped by at least two traits and two skills.

There are no prizes for guessing that alchemy and gardening are the skills that will be of most help to a potion brewing witch. With gardening you can grow all the plant ingredients you need, not to mention high quality food. Alchemy will make sure that you brew the potions with less chance of failure.

As with the skills the traits are also alchemy/gardening focused. The Greenthumb trait will make sure that the ingredients that you’re growing for your potions are a little better. The Gatherer trait will help both with the plants that you grow, increasing their yield and the value of found gems and ore.

How do I make potions?

witches potions elixirs sims 3 supernatural alchemy tableFirst you need to purchase an alchemy bench. Send your sim to the alchemy bench and make them research alchemy. This will be the only option at the very start of a sims. Each time a sim researches alchemy they will discover a new potion. Once a potion has been discovered a new option ‘Mix Potion’ will appear in the alchemy table’s radial menu. Using this option will bring up a table listing all the potions that you can mix as well as the ingredients that it takes to make them. If you have all the ingredients for a potion, simply select it and your witch will start making the potion.

Can my sim be a vampire witch?

I’m afraid not, no. You can only ever be either a witch or a vampire or a fairy etc. Drinking a vampire potion as a witch will turn you to a vampire. If a vampire and a witch were to have offspring, then each child would have a 50% chance of being a witch and a 50% chance of being a vampire.

There you go, hope all this has helped to explain witches in Sims 3 Supernatural. If you do have any other questions not mentioned here, ask away.

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8 years ago

Actually, there’s some kind of glitch that prohibits witches from marrying another supernatural, and the same is true for werewolves, vampires, and fairies. I believe the problem has been brought to EA’s attention but as of now nothing has been done about it.

20 days ago

If you have the hybrid mod you can make your Sim more than one magical being. For example a vampire witch. I love it!!!

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