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Date: July 7, 2019

If you’re on the look out for a new Sci-Fi JRPG, then it may be worth turning your attention to Reborn : The Mark of the Blood, a game that’s being developed by the the Exodus development team based on a 300 page novel.

Reborn : The Mark of the Blood takes place in 2066, after a devastating meteorite destroys all but one city on Earth, that was saved by the Luminous Defense shield . A lone scientist tried to warn the Earth about the impending disaster but they basically ignored him thinking he was crazy. So, yeah the Earth was pretty much totaled, yet 66,666 people survived within this last city.

The scientist who predicted the tragedy is nowhere to be found. And these last survivors, confined to the city, live in oppressive state , crime is rampant and hope is lost.

To make matters worse, another meteorite of biblical proportions is heading towards Earth, and with no one to stop it this time, the Earth and its population is doomed.

Key Features of Reborn : The Mark of the Blood

  • Your half-demon heritage gives you unique skills and abilities
  • Classic JRPG game play mechanics such as quests, missions, rescues, and combat.
  • Quests with multiple goals, can be achieved by up to four multiplayers
  • Expansive storylines and quest-chains
  • Advanced combat system. Use your bare-hands or weapons depending on your main quest choices
  • Randomly generated NPC’s that learn and adapt by how you play, and change accordingly. Apart from the main characters all NPC’s are randomly generated providing a different experience each time you play

For more information head over to the Reborn: Mark of the Blood official site here and stay tuned to for more information.

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NN 81
NN 81
3 years ago

awesome i like it!!

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