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Date: June 5, 2021

It wouldn’t be a FromSoft game without at least one weird farmyard animal enemy, and Sekiro is no exception to the rule. In this case, it’s a monstrous bull with burning wheat strapped to its head, which is either the best or the worst idea for a siege engine ever. I can’t decide which it is, but apparently it was a real thing. In either case, this boss can be a pain, so we’re here to take a look at an incredibly easy way to beat it.

If you’ve already beaten the Chained Ogre using our guide, you’re more than ready to take on the Blazing Bull, since all we’re really going to do here is run circles around the bull, just like we did with the Ogre. Since the bull can’t throw you off of a cliff, this fight may actually be a little easier.

To defeat the Blazing Bull, all you need to do is stay behind him. If you continously chase his butt — by running in an arc to his left or right — he won’t be able to hit you. The trick is to always run opposite the direction he is turning:

how to beat blazing bull turn example 1
The bull turned to its right, so you’ll want to run to its left

Keep doing this, and you should have plenty of opportunities to attack the bull as he changes directions or charges. Be patient, and don’t force hits if you aren’t far enough behind him, as you might end up catching a flaming horn for your trouble.

how to beat blazing bull butt attack 1
In general I’d say avoid livestock butt, but in this particular instance, you’re gonna want to roleplay this bull’s tail

If you can, try to fight in the far right corner (from where you enter the boss fight). The bull will have to turn around frequently there, and it will make it much easier to land hits on him.

If you don’t want to spend a couple minutes running circles around the bull, you CAN attempt to deflect its easiest-to-time attack instead. If you run across the arena from the bull, he’ll always do the same charge attack, and deflecting it will cause him to stumble, allowing you to get a few free hits in. This is about twice as fast as doing it the easy way, but screwing it up will probably lead to death, and the “slow way” only takes a couple of minutes.

You should now be ready to take down that pesky bull! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions, advice, or want to see other Sekiro content!

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