Dungeon Blitz MMO Released by Blue Mammoth

blue mammoth rpg mmo side scroller paladin rogue mageBlue Mammoth has just released a new MMO called Dungeon Blitz. After working on larger games such as Star Trek Online and Champions Online, the chaps from Blue Mammoth set their sights on their own project. Dungeon Blitz is a side-scrolling MMO that relies on a simple point and click interface. The game can be played solo, but they claim the game is much for fun when you group.

I will be reviewing this game properly once I’ve had a good go at it, but in the mean time please read the release from Blue Mammoth below, watch the Dungeon Blitz trailer or click the links to go straight to their site and play it.

Blue Mammoth Games Brings Multiplayer, Side-Scrolling Mayhem to Browsers with New Action RPG, Dungeon Blitz


Dungeon Blitz is a free-to-play, side-scrolling brawler with light RPG and MMO elements, launched by Blue Mammoth Games.

The start-up’s founders, both with deep experience developing AAA titles for hardcore gamers, set out to create a game that offers players a full featured, multiplayer game challenge, even if they only have a few minutes to play.

Dungeon Blitz combines the fast paced combat of side-scrollers with the character development and customization of RPGs and the social interaction and cooperative combat of MMOs. New players can immediately jump into the action and play a full game session in as little as 10 minutes.




Dungeon Blitz’s combat system is extremely easy to learn with simple point-and-click controls; no tedious menu driven combat here. Players unleash physical and arcane abilities while actively moving and dodging enemy attacks in real time. Players can also join together to combine abilities from different classes to create even more powerful attacks.

Players choose from three classes, each with their own play styles, from the Paladin’s stalwart strength to the Rogue’s swift, deadly attacks to the Mage’s mastery of the elements. Players upgrade their abilities, gain new powers and take on greater challenges through leveling up, collecting loot and crafting.

While the game can be played solo, Dungeon Blitz really shines when friends gather to party. Gamers can quickly team with other random players or use the in-game communication and guild features to easily organize a few spare minutes of play with buddies.

“Talking with friends, we realized there are tons of guys like us who used to be hardcore MMO players but just don’t have the time anymore.  Our goal was to create a fun, light, but still challenging title that would let us get together with friends as well as get an online fix — but to do it in bite-sized chunks,” Lincoln Hamilton, Founder, Blue Mammoth Games, explains. “By taking advantage of the browser environment, we’ve created a new twist on side-scrollers with a mash up of the best features from brawlers, RPGs and MMOs.”

Dungeon Blitz is set at the crossroads between the mundane Human World and the mystical Sleeping Lands. The free-to-play game features optional micro transactions that can be used to purchase in-game items and boosts.

Dungeon Blitz is now available at http://www.dungeonblitz.com.

About Blue Mammoth Games:

Blue Mammoth Games was founded in 2009 by two veteran MMO designers/developers to bring the rich, immersive fun found in persistent worlds to the browser. Before Blue Mammoth, founders Matt Woomer and Lincoln Hamilton helped build some of the largest MMOs including City of Heroes, Champions Online, Star Trek Online, Global Agenda, and World of Darkness. They also built the online site for gamers, Arena Junkies. Headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia.”

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