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Date: March 10, 2022

In a press statement yesterday, Bungie announced that they stood with the people of Ukraine — and everyone impacted by the war — and shared some details of their philanthropic efforts to support Ukraine. The Bungie Foundation donated 100% of the proceeds from the first 48 hours of this year’s annual Game2Give charity drive, which came out to $120,000 USD. Bungie is also continuing to match employee donations to any U.S. based charitable organizations, with all matching donations going to Direct Relief and Internation Rescue Committee.

Bungie isn’t stopping there, however. They’re also going to halt all sales of Destiny 2 products in both Russia and Belarus. Players in those countries will still be able to play Destiny 2, and they won’t lose anything they’ve already paid for, but they won’t be able to purchase Silver or any new content.

Additionally, Destiny 2 players will all receive a free emblem today, “Cоняшник” — which means “Sunflower”, the Ukrainian national flower.

ukraine sunflower emblem bungie charity
The Cоняшник emblem

The emblem features both the national flower of Ukraine as well as the country’s coat of arms, and will allow players to show that they stand with Ukraine. Bungie will be sharing the code to redeem this emblem in this week’s TWAB (This Week at Bungie). You can look for the TWAB on Bungie’s official news portal.

Ukrainians are in desperate need of help from the international community, and what Bungie is doing to raise funds for relief efforts is invaluable work. If you respect what Bungie is doing and want to give Destiny 2 a try, the Beginner’s Guide is a great way to learn the ropes! Even better, pick one of the organizations Bungie has vetted — Razom, Sunflower for Peace, or the International Committee of the Red Cross — and donate to support the Ukrainian aid efforts.

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