far cry 6 looks too much like a movie with 2010 graphics, that is
Game: Far Cry 6
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: August 26, 2021

Remember that quirky Far Cry 6 Cinematic Title Sequence Trailer from July of 2020? You might have remembered us remarking that it looked a bit like opening credits to HBO’s Westworld or Netflix’s Daredevil, less so like something put together for a video game.

far cry 6 feels like a movie cinematic title sequence 2020

The connection was further re-enforced throughout 2020, when Ubisoft left many of the gameplay questions unanswered, pretty much up until May of this year. The much-needed gameplay trailer and the Reddit AMA that followed gave us a list of features to discuss, but the trend didn’t carry through to the Gamescom 2021, where the spotlight was once again taken up by Far Cry 6’s central conflict and its villains.

The trailer did offer a pleasantly dramatic story with some intriguing details revealed.
Now we know what the whole fuss with Viviro is about! But, wait… tobacco leaves? That… are processed into red gas? Or is the red gas… added to those leaves…? Regardless, Antón is full of crap and we know it. We just don’t know exactly how so yet.

And yet, a few things felt a little off.

It doesn’t quite feel right that there isn’t as much coverage on how Far Cry 6 actually feels to play as a game, so soon before the launch.

It’s understandable that some worry about Far Cry 6 feeling more like a playable movie, with less attention being given towards creating a polished, addicting gameplay.

There are still many questions left about how the resistance will be fighting against the government military. For example, we really don’t know much about the structure of missions versus encounters in the wild or how the stealth play looks like. And, with the Map Editor gone, many fans are left wondering what the end game will look like for the new title.

far cry 6 not enough talk about gameplay in official story trailer
Also, I still have questions about this horse from the gameplay trailer.

Is Ubisoft just being careful with creating overhyped expectations in light of several recent gaming industry PR disasters, or… one has to wonder — do they not feel confident in showing what they currently have?

Secondly… the animations. If you watched the trailer you know that it’s not easy to not notice the weird look. General appearance of the graphics and color grade of Far Cry 6 have been a debated topic in the community, but there has been comparatively less disagreement about facial animations in the official story trailer.

far cry 6 official story trailer facial animations 1
far cry 6 official story trailer facial animations 2

What’s the word… the “uncanny valley”?
Oh, and is it just me or even the getting-up animation from the second GIF looks off?

Something feels distinctly wrong about a few of the animations from the trailer, and it does not combine well with the community’s reservations about the actual gameplay. Weird look of animations in the official story trailer is one thing, but seeing something like this in the game would be a whole another.

Perhaps this will end up being merely an empty concern, spread more on the grounds of attracting attention to the issue, but with the pre-orders open and the release date coming up, for now it remains a reasonable one.

Now, now let’s cut the complaining — we want to hear what you think!

Do you think you understand what Ubisoft is doing and gamers should learn some patience for once?
Maybe you think that we are right on the spot with this one and it’s about time the fans saw some form of a gameplay stream highlighting a few key areas of the game?
Or, is it kind of in the middle for you? Perhaps you were not planning on pre-purchasing regardless with how things have been turning out in the recent video game release history? Have you been calmly waiting for the post-release footage and some of the first reviews?

Whether it’s one of the above or something entirely different altogether: please do share with us in the comments below!

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