navigating in far cry 6 wingsuit, helicopter, rooftops, boats
Game: Far Cry 6
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: July 7, 2021

Wingsuit, grappling hook, helicopters, boats, rooftops, sewers…? Far Cry 6 developers gave the community a little treat as a part of the June 1st AMA, and it seems like we will have plenty of ways to get around the crumbling ruins and dense jungles of Yara.

At the heart of Far Cry 6 will be guerilla tactics, and taking advantage of the environment and using stealth are key for a heavily outmatched soldier (by the way, stealth takedowns are coming back!).

While occasionally rushing into the street action is a fair strategy, sometimes you have to ditch your car and find an alternative path on foot: navigate through some open buildings, take to the rooftops above, or climb down into the sewers, navigating paths charted by the guerilla. Regardless, expect some fun claustrophobic exploration and battles in the narrow streets.

navigating in far cry 6 driving through narrow streets

Developers did confirm climbing and grappling hooks are in the game, but it’s likely that sometimes the kind of climbing you will have to do is climbing inside a tank to steal it and take it to your allies’ base.

Outside of the settlements you’ll find picture-perfect beaches, shark-infested piers, foggy jungle mountains, and crocodile lairs within deep swamps: there are many areas and biomes to traverse, and you will have a wide range of options for doing so. Wingsuits, helicopters, and boats have all been confirmed in the AMA:

For sure! There is a wide range of land, sea and air vehicles that you can acquire to roam the world of Yara. From classic 50s American muscle cars to Resolver aircraft, you can find them, store them and take them for a spin when you want. That said, the airspace and road network are under the control of El Presidente so expect a fight to free Yara!

– Ben
navigating far cry 6 exploring jungle

Considering the vast and beautiful landscape, it’s great to hear that both the naval and air traversal is something we can look forward to. Of course, sometimes it is safer to navigate around using paths scouted by the guerilla, especially since you could run into friendly units and their camps in between.

navigating far cry 6 guerilla paths

It’s always pleasant to get some rest and supplies… or yes, sure, help out some troubled allies you have met on the road. Again.

The breathtaking setting of Far Cry 6 we saw in the Gameplay Reveal comes with promises of very fun exploration — something many Far Cry players definitely hold close to their hearts. Stumbling right into the action while navigating the map and finding a way around hostile outposts while developing a take-over strategy is one of the central pillars of the game’s experience.

As the trailer puts it, Yara seems to be a filled powder keg. Expect to see everything sizzle and burst into flames wherever you go — raining bullets from a boat and ramming into ships, dropping a grenade as you hold on to your galloping horse, dodging bullets as you drift your car, swooping down inside a burning helicopter, or raining chaos upon your enemies from a stolen tank.

navigating far cry 6 boats naval combat

Are you excited? What scenes are you envisioning while exploring the tumultuous jungles and decaying urban landscape of Yara? Far Cry 6 fans, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Michael d Coxie
Michael d Coxie
2 months ago

i’m hoping that the prone position will be brought back if you’re truly going to be stealthy that’s a part of it

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