Usually found behind the scenes tinkering with the technical side of things, Nakroma sometimes takes a break from building the next tool to whip up a cRPG build guide or two.
Control Sorcerer Build Featured Image

Control Sorcerer Build – Baldur’s Gate 3

This guide showcases a control build for the Sorcerer class in Baldur’s Gate 3. With this build, you’ll be able to control the action economy in combat by taking enemies temporarily out of the fight. This in turn will make…

Light Domain Cleric Build Featured Image

Light Domain Cleric Build – Baldur’s Gate 3

This guide showcases a spellcasting build for Clerics using the Light Domain. It provides strong offensive capabilities, excellent defense for your party and a lot of nice utility spells on top. The sections below will cover how to best progress…

Baldur's Gate 3 Battle Master Fighter Build Featured Image

Battle Master Fighter Build – Baldur’s Gate 3

This guide showcases the popular Battle Master Fighter build, using the Great Weapon Master feat. It’s very simple and straightforward, but highly effective – in the end game you’ll be attacking up to 10 times per turn. Additionally, you get…