Kelson H.

Kelson H.

Kelson is a spud head from out west. He is most happy when holding a milky tea with too much honey and playing a sprawling role playing game or reading a fantasy novel. His video game tastes vary but his main genres are looter shooters, RPGs, and real time strategy games.
starfield boarding guide featured image

How to Board an Enemy Ship – Starfield

One of the biggest power fantasies surrounding space exploration and combat is boarding and commandeering an enemy vessel. The cultural comparisons between the final frontier and the open seas have naturally led to motifs and themes surrounding space pirates. In…

starfield appearance guide featured image

How to Change Your Appearance – Starfield

We’ve all been there; you spend an hour in character creation, then decide you want to change things up. In Starfield, it is easy to change your appearance, and it’s accessible from very early on in the game. Let’s go…

starfield boost pack guide featured image v2

How to Use a Boost Pack – Starfield

Honestly, a tool that makes most aspects of gameplay better is a boost pack. It can be used for quicker movement while exploring or in a gun fight. You receive a boost pack very early on in Starfield, but it…

baldurs gate 3 stealth guide featured image v2

How to Use Stealth – Baldur’s Gate 3

If you aren’t doing a fun run with four Barbarian Halflings, then chances are you have a sneaky character to round out your party composition. With Rogues and Gloom Stalkers, stealth is a paramount skill that they can use to…

baldur's gate 3 whispering depths guide featured image

The Whispering Depths – Baldur’s Gate 3

This smaller area guide will cover the underground location, the Whispering Depths. While it isn’t nearly as large or important as other spots (it’s possible to never even see it in a play through), The Whispering Depths does have a…

cheat engine guide baldur's gate 3 featured image

How to Use Cheats – Baldur’s Gate 3

Using cheats can make a game more fun and manageable, and other times, cheats can be helpful when you need to deal with a glitch in the game. Since Baldur’s Gate 3 is such a massive game with endless possibilities…