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Date: October 27, 2019

The developers over at Total Mayhem Games are back at it again with yet another We Were Here indie game, We Were Here Together. With a new adventure in the mist, We Were Here Together has another set of tasks for the two-player souls to follow the path of puzzles and near-death experiences to get to the end, together or not. If you’ve played the other We Were Here games by Total Mayhem Games, then you’ll know that you’ll have an adventure on your hands that will make you think two steps ahead of what you’re about to do. The developers over at Total Mayhem Games takes this game series one step further each time around to make you wonder what they will bring to us next.

We Were Here Together brings us a 10 Chapter puzzle indie game that will have you thinking ahead throughout the whole story. Starting We Were Here Together, we find ourselves with our buddy in an old shack in the middle of a blizzard trying to get out of our rooms. After doing so, our first mission approaches us through the radio; it’s another camp in need of rescue. With the first task being set the satellite in the right position to read the whole message, you will start your adventure a snowmobile to get to the next location.

The next puzzling adventures in We Were Here Together come at us like the previse game’s in the series where we need to work together with our buddy by splitting up and ensuring we communicate through our walkie talkies whenever we can. With ten chapters in total during your adventure, all good must come to an end just like the other We Were Here games where you must choose how you will end it all.

Like in the other series of We Were Here, your task is simple, find the first piece of what you need to do and figure out which way you go and which way your buddy goes. The puzzles that We Were Here Together makes you complete can be a little tricky at times, but they make you think and work together every time, so you and your buddy don’t die. With a great feeling when it comes to interacting with each object to ensure you can move as fast as you can to solve the puzzle, that’s just another stand out that the We Were Here series does. The fast movement gameplay will have you yelling and screaming as a team to get out together, or maybe alone.

The walkie talkies are a great addition for the We Were Here series that allow you and your buddy to communicate together, to feel as though you’re part of your character in-game. While the puzzles may be different from the past, We Were Here series games, the outcome, and felt the same at times. A lot of trial and error when it comes to feeling out each of the new tasks at hand while trying not to kill your virtual buddy that you need to work with to survive.

With all the brain movement going on while playing We Were Here Together, you might not have a whole lot of time to look around at the little details and hints that are around the map. The game’s past series with WE Were Here being a simple yet exciting first game for the series with fast tasks that had you and your buddy moving fast, the developers over at Total Mayhem Games have come a long way when it comes to the look of the game’s series. With We Were Here Too released just last year having a big jump for the series when it comes to the difficulty and looks of the game, it makes you appreciate each new story.

With the little ambient sounds that sneak up in the dark while trying to figure out a puzzle or the fast-paced music that picks up when times about to run out, We Were Here Together stands out most in the series because of that. With puzzles being the best so far, it’ll be interesting to see what the developers have for us next.


With all the puzzles leading up to the end game, each time having to choose who gets to leave or figuring out what the last puzzle is to allow both you and your buddy to leave together is the icing on the cake for each of these games. But, when it comes to We Were Here Together, and at the time of this review, the only way to leave the puzzling world is to close the game at the same time or play a game of row-sham-bow. Once the puzzle is found, or the developers can help us out to leave together, the replayability for We Were Here Together will be much higher because you’ll now have more than one option to end the game.

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