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soulstice key art

Soulstice Review – The Power of a Sisterly Bond

I’ve always been a fan of hack-and-slash action games, such as Devil May Cry and the original God of War trilogy. So, naturally, I’ve been interested in Soulstice since I saw its gameplay trailer, and its preview build only further…

foretales artwork

Foretales Review – How Will You Save the Realm?

When creating Foretales, developer Alkemi Games wanted to create an open-ended adventure, where your choices matter and shape the story. They accomplished this by making the entire game revolve around cards, used to navigate through a non-linear story. While the…

thymesia splash art featured image review

Thymesia Review – Standing Out in a Crow-ded Genre

When Thymesia’s initial trailer dropped many immediately pegged it as a Bloodborne clone; their interest in the game was therefore based on whether or not more Bloodborne was something they wanted. I too assumed it was yet another AA soulsborne…