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Date: October 9, 2020

After a long time waiting for the updated release of Destroy All Humans by the Black Forest, our friends at THQ Nordic wanted to ensure the team at Gnarly Guides got a full experience of the Crypto fever, as we enjoyed the new game so much with our review of the game, and I couldn’t live without at least a keychain of the game. Moving forward, we have the Destroy All Humans Crypto-137 Box Edition that measures up to four feet long and about a foot and a quarter wide. The art for the box is something you won’t want to throw away after because of the stylish appearance that our man Crypto has the offer. The Box Edition is a whopping $399.99 on Amazon, currently on sale for $309. Even as a dedicated collector of the Destroy All Humans franchise since 2005, the price is a little steep.

When I first opened the box, I was greeted with a copy of the Destroy All Humans Copy of the game, a sleeve with six printed cards of the game, and two boxes with the picture of the figurine and then the backpack. After looking through the cards and what comes with the game copy, and a code for all the skins for your Crypto character in the game, I was able to take out the two big boxes with the figurine and the other with the backpack. First impressions of the figurine were this thing is enormous, but a perfect height and width for a fun talking piece in a living room, or ones gamer cave, measuring 23″/60cm. The backpack measures at around 20”/50cm, being a perfect size for anyone looking to look good around town or an event, although if you’re looking to wear it around town where gamers aren’t around to understand the humor, expect some heads to turn. The pocket amount for the backpack isn’t a whole lot of room, thinking that it’s more for its look and talking point then to store anything inside of it, seeing that I couldn’t even fit my full wallet inside. With more little things inside of the earth ball attached to Crypto’s left hand, you get a keychain and a stress ball that the eyes pop out when you squeeze it hard, being my favorite part of this box so far.

This is what you get inside of the Crypto-137 Box Edition:

  • The Crypto-137 Figurine, 60CM/23″ High. The earth in his hand comes with a Keychain a stress-ball. You can also fit a can of soda in the earth once you take the goodies out.
  • Six Lithographs of the games funny moments.
  • A fully hard copy of the Destroy All Humans game with a skin pack code to unlock five in-game skins.
  • Hugging Crypto-137 Backpack that can fit any size human when it comes down to it.

Crypto-137 Edition Box

After having hands-on with the Destroy All Humans Crypto-137 Box Edition, we haft to ask ourselves, is the $399.99 price tag the box asks for worth it? If you’re a die-hard fan of the games 2005 release until the present-day release of the Destroy All Humans series, I would say yes to a point, seeing that the figurine and the game make it worth at least half of its price. The backpack and the little things that come after enjoying the main items are great, especially the stress-ball that has the eyes pop out when holding down during this stressful time. But the breaking point for me was the backpack not having a lot of room for me to 100% call it a bag. It goes on your back; it appears like an alien lifeform is hugging you, so it looks funny, and it makes to be a good talking piece. But not having the storage room more than it’s back where you can fit little things inside doesn’t make up the other 200 dollar price tag and breaking down the figurine and the game copy. But again, if you’re a fan of the series and want to have the full game copy, the fantastic figure, and the other little things that come inside of Crypto’s earth ball, then I would say Amazons current price tag of $309 may be worth the boxes insides.

Crypto-137 Edition Backpack and statue

At the end of the day, the Destroy All Humans Crypto 137 Box was fun to look through and find spots around the house to place the figurine and the backpack. The Crypto figurine will be my living room talking point, while the Crypto backpack should be on a coat/bag rack; I see it used more like a stuffed animal that you can place in various places around the house, or if you to travel to an event then it’ll be fun to wear on your back because any Alien or Destroy All Humans fan would love to talk about it. In the end, though, the Crypto-137 Box Edition is around 399.99 dollars USD on Amazon, and during this review, it is about 309 dollars.

Crypto-137 Edition card prints


At the same time, it may still be a good amount of money for a fan box; it comes with enough goodies and die-hard fan stuff that makes it worth it on sale like it currently has going on.

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