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Date: November 23, 2020

Ding Ding Ding, ring those fight round bells. It’s been a few weeks now since the new generations of consoles have been out, which means it’s around that time for new consoles head to head matchup between team Xbox and team PlayStation. As with the launch of any new console loyal fans of each always fight and defend which brand they prefer or feel is better over the other. So lets take an early look at who is winning or leading in this head to head matchup so far. The areas we’re going to talk about are, Sales, Bugs or Issues, and Launch Titles.


So for the first part of this match up, obviously would involve who sold more consoles launch day. For this section it is quite complicated to get a clear winner, neither company as yet to reveal the actual numbers for launch day sales. Most likely will not until after the holiday season 2020 , So far only Xbox seems to have anything to say but it was a vague generic statement. Xbox tweeted out saying it had it’s biggest launch day sales ever, While PlayStation hasn’t said a peep about consoles sold. We know in their hometown of Japan the sales were reported as a landslide over the Xbox. Still with the issue of a lot of fans being frustrated with how poorly pre orders were done and how hard it still is to get a ps5, it makes sense for PlayStation to not brag about how many were sold out of the fear of some backlash.


Round 1 winner: Xbox. I believe right now Xbox might be in the lead by just a little, but I fully expect PlayStation to overwhelmingly take the lead by holiday season and the rest of 2021.


Along side any new console launch comes bugs. We’ll take a look at some of the bugs or issues plaguing each console so far. Some of them are minor just irritating types, while some might be more of the serious console production types. Again all of this is usually expected with the first batch of any new consoles fresh of the production line. So let’s take a look.



– Loud clicking noise from the disc drive.

– Controller pairing issues, like disconnecting randomly during use.

– Quick resume function not working. One of the new advertised feature is the ability to quickly jump or resume a game. Apparently users are saying this feature isn’t working at all.

– Corrupted image with trying to run 4K at 120Hz.

– Game Screenshots and video captures, come out darker than at the time of playing.



 – Low availability, hard to get. This is the main issue for a lot of gamers, just frustrating trying to get your hands on one.

– Rest mode, causing consoles to freeze needing to be restarted and sometimes database being rebuilt.

– System errors and failure, often ending with the error code CE-108262-9.

– Setup issues using Lan cable or usb. Best method seems to be wifi as a solution.

– 1 case of the console having serious constant error message leading to a dead or brick console.


Round 2 winner: It’s a Draw. Neither console had a flawless launch and anyone who expected that would be a hopeless dreamer. Any new device, console or not, always come with issues and that’s under a normal work environment let alone during a pandemic.


 Lastly let’s take a look at what games are or will be available at launch and maybe in the future.



Xbox Titles

– Bright Memory 1.0

– Enlisted

– Evergate

– The Falconeer

– Forza Horizon 4

– Gears 5

– Gears Tactics

– Grounded

– Manifold Garden

– Ori and the Will of the Wisps

– Sea of Thieves

– The Touryst

– Yes, Your Grace



PS5 Titles

– Astro’s Playroom

– Bugsnax

– Demon’s Souls (remake)

– Godfall

– Goonya Fighter

– Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

– Sackboy: A Big Adventure

– The Pathless


Round 3 winner: PlayStation. This is pretty tough to decide and can definitely be a preference thing. If we look at just facts I would say Xbox has more games, while  PlayStation has more known and recognized block buster titles on the way.


Unlike, previous console wars where it was easier to tell who is clearing winning, this year’s pretty much goes along with the theme of 2020.  It seems both consoles did great, especially during these times. Neither is dominating over the other, at least for now. Until we get those actual numbers and statistics, the overall winner is to be determined. In the mean time you can feel safe saying your team, whether Xbox or PlayStation is doing well.


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