Why Respawn’s Apex Legends is the Best Battle Royale Game

Respawn Entertainment, the developers of the Titanfall series have been working on a project for quite some time and everyone thought it was Titanfall 3, until they dropped Apex Legends out of nowhere and declared that Titanfall 3 was “not in the works”.

Gamers weren’t that happy until they started to play Respawn’s new baby of course.

Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe where the characters have special abilities and are in groups of three, which are dropped into a 20 squad battle royal where the last squad standing are the champions.

Of couse, the way i just described it doesnt do it even a drop of justice and is something you will understand once you play it. Even though it is a battle royal game like all those other ones out there, Apex Legends is what I would call ‘the cherry on top of the battle royal cake’. The mechanics and gameplay of this game are so responsive, fluid and tight that playing it is a blast even if you get punched to death the moment you drop in a swarming beehive of players looking for loot and failing to find any.

Skins are pretty neat

The game is mechanicaly perfect to the jumps, slides and punching someone like crazy cause he got the only gun around before you and the only way to survive is throwing your fists around hoping his aim isn’t that good.

The Roster

Fresh leaks have suggested a solo mode and duo mode is in the games coding already and if this is true, it’s only going to make the game grow. If you love battle royals or just shooters in general and haven’t played this game yet, you should.

Download Origin and get to playing Apex Legends ASAP.

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Maruf Hasan
Maruf Hasan

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