Ultimate Guide for Diablo 4 Open Beta: Map, Classes, FAQs, Tips, and More!

Ready for Diablo 4 Open Beta on March 24-26? This guide will help you be prepared to make the most out of your experience, with the full map of the Open Beta (listing all of the Waypoints, Altars of Lilith that give permanent stat boosts, and all of the Dungeons), a discussion of the available Classes and how they play so far, questions that may come up as you play, how to get Legendary Effects and Upgrade your Items, and some tips at the end of the guide that could really save you time and enhance your experience!

If you need help joining the beta and would like to know more about the content it will include, you can check out our Diablo IV Open Beta: How to Sign Up and What to Expect article.

If you plan on playing the game on release, remember to check out our Diablo 4 section on Diablo Tavern, with many guides, tips, and resources to come!

You will only have 3 days to experience everything the Open Beta has to offer, so you might want a little bit of reference to expedite your progression: the map we have for you below includes all 7 Waypoints, 28 Altars of Lilith, and all of the Dungeons of the Open Beta.

diablo 4 full open beta map waypoints dungeons altar of lilith
waypointWaypoint; altar of lilithAltar of Lilith; diablo 4 dungeon iconDungeon

Altars of Lilith grant permanent stat boosts to all characters on the realm (+2 to a main stat or +5 to token carry capacity, plus some renown), so you might want to snatch some of these before you try out another class. Dungeons will help you level to 25, find more Legendary Gear items and Aspects to try out (Uniques will not be available during Beta), and spend more time having fun obliterating hordes of enemies. And, of course, Waypoints make it easier to explore new areas and hop back to the city.

Note that Diablo 4 does offer Town Portals, which are unlimited. You can use them anywhere by pressing computer key t t — they will take you to the most recently visited Waypoint. You can then use the same portal to return to where you were, but if you use a Town Portal and then walk out of the city you teleported to, your Town Portal will disappear.

Remember that you will get to pick from 5 Classes during the Beta: Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer, Necromancer, and Druid. We have information for each of the classes in our Diablo 4 Classes section on Diablo Tavern, which we will be updating throughout the entirety of the Beta! Make sure to check it out if you are wondering about each class’s Skill list and their unique mechanic.

Usually this question would be hard to answer, but we can actually give you a suggestion based on our experience playing during the Early Access. (Unfortunately, we can’t take Necromancer or Druid into consideration until after the Open Beta on the 24th.)

Rogue turned out to be the least balanced of the classes. Starting fairly slow, once combined with a Legendary power or two, Rogue absolutely took off. The drops you get will decide how you go about your leveling. If you happen to get a powerful effect like Bladedancer’s Aspect early, building around it can be a massive shift in power for the rest of the beta.

Diablo 2 fans might also find a lot to like here, being able to focus on a Trap build (albeit not quite like the fan favorite Trapsin), or play as a pseudo Lightning Fury Amazon. Their first unique mechanic, Combo Points, doesn’t have time to offer any real value, as by the time you unlock it, things die way too fast.

rogue gif

Sorcerer seemed to be the most fun to play so far. Sorcerers come out swinging, easily the strongest class for the first 10 levels. Offering fan favorite spells such as Hydra, Frozen Orb, and Teleport, there is a lot of to love in their toolkit.

Their unique mechanic, Enchantments, offers by far the most customization and personalization of any Class so far. This allows you to add additional effects to your already powerful spells, including our favorite Enchantment, Fireball. The Fireball Enchantment causes enemies you kill (no matter how) to explode, easily creating long chain reactions of entire rooms and hallways exploding after one cast.


Barbarian seems to be the hardest class of the classes to play so far, which can be a rewarding challenge on its own. Many of your attacks will be carried out unprotected in the melee range, which will involve you taking a lot of hits.

Their damage boosts seem to be less powerful than that of the Rogue or Sorcerer, so it will take a bit longer for you to kill your targets. This becomes especially apparent when you fight elite enemies and bosses, and the Beta’s final boss might present quite a bit of a challenge.

barbarian 2

You may notice that this setting doesn’t appear on any of the menus when you play. Instead, to do this without leaving your current play session you will need to reach the Beta’s city hub, Kyovashad (you should get there by the time you reach level 4-5), and pay a visit to the World Tier Statue marked with world tier statue.

diablo 4 full open beta map how to change difficulty world tier statue

Alternatively, all you need to do is exit to the main menu (leave the session with your current character) and make the adjustment there — you will see it on the right side of the screen once you select the character. Nightmare and Torment difficulties will not be available on the Beta.

Salvaging is also something you will only be able to do once you reach Kyovashad and can visit its Blacksmith, Zivek, marked with blacksmith. He will be located to the East of the city’s Waypoint. After unlocking this ability here, you will be able to visit Blacksmiths in most towns around the world.

diablo 4 full open beta map how to salvage items blacksmith
Salvaging items will give you materials that you can repurpose in upgrading your own gear.

The main quest (Prologue) will quickly get you acquainted with the store in Kyovashad that has a Weapon and Armor vendor inside — the Blacksmith, Zivek, will be located next door. Salvaging items is a crucial component in upgrading your gear — a system you will get introduced to by a tutorial quest you will get when you reach level 10, which we will discuss next.

By around level 10 you will be introduced to two new mechanics in Diablo 4.

The first of these is Imprinting. By visiting the Occultist marked by occultist in Kyovashad you are able to imprint a Legendary Aspect onto a Rare item of your choice. Doing this will upgrade the item to Legendary quality and provide a powerful effect of your choosing. To unlock more Legendary Aspects, visit the many Dungeons on the world map, indicated by this icon diablo 4 dungeon icon . (Check out our full map earlier in this article!)

Important to note is that you cannot benefit from the same Aspect twice.

The second new mechanic is Upgrading. By visiting the Blacksmith, marked with blacksmith (same one you would visit for Salvaging), you are able to exchange materials and gold to upgrade your items. (It’s easy to run out of the necessary materials, so make sure to salvage lower-priced gear often.) Upgrading gives a small boost to most of the stats on the item, and can be worth doing once you have items you became attached to.

Make sure you pay attention while upgrading! Sometimes the upgrade will inexplicably reduce one stat.

Legendary items can be upgraded a total of four times, while Rare items can only be upgraded three times.

Even though you will be able to interact with the Stablemaster, Oscar, marked with stablemaster, you will not be able to unlock or try out mounts during the Open Beta. Unfortunate, with the amount of traversing you will have to do between most of the quests…

  • Having an Elixir running gives 5% bonus exp, so always keep one active.
    • To craft an Elixir, visit the Alchemist marked with alchemist.
  • Force Move can be bound to a key in the Settings and will likely save your life. Often.
    • Browse through the settings in general: among options are Advanced Tooltips under Gameplay to help you compare the items in your inventory, and sound ques based on the item rarity under Accessibility which will reduce the chance you might forget to pick up an item of the rarity you want.
  • Respecs are free before level 15, so take the time to experiment!
  • Don’t go AFK after a world event — it can respawn right on top of you.
  • Items that give “+ to Skill” will unlock that skill for you, but you will need to place it on your action bar manually.
    • To do so, press computer key s t to open up the skill menu and drag it down to your action bar.
  • You can easily leave a finished dungeon by opening your action wheel by pressing computer key e t and selecting “Leave Dungeon”.

We hope we were able to provide you with some useful resources for Diablo 4 Open Beta! Please share your own experiences with us in the comments below and share any more tips and suggestions we may have missed. Remember to check out our Diablo 4 section on Diablo Tavern for many guides and resources to come!

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