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Date: June 30, 2020

After I finished the Last of Us Part 2 I sat in my gaming chair for the longest time and just stared at the credits like I was a brain dead zombie. That is how much The Last of Us to rocked me to my core and played with my emotions. This was a journey that I was not prepared for. I was never prepared for the darkness this game had, I was never prepared for the surge of emotions I would feel as I met new people and began to love them only for them to meet their fate later on. This game is a perfect definition of a roller coaster ride. Naughty Dog took a risk, and to me that risk made me feel like this game gave me my money’s worth and then some.

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Neil Druckmann, the director of the Last of Us Part 2 stated before release that not everyone will like this game, And that was the truth. If you don’t know about the controversy of this game you have literally been living under a rock. But keeping those aside I wanted to talk about how The Last of Us Part 2 left me broken but satisfied at the same time. This game made me feel something that I don’t think i have felt after finishing a game for along time. Not to mention that during my play through I cried multiple times like a baby, yes and I am not ashamed to say it.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Is Delayed To May 2020 For Extra Polish

My first initial heart tear happened within the first few hours of the game and it was something I was not prepared for, that made the sudden tug on my heart strings that much worse. That is when you know that TLOU2 is going to be a very dark and serious game. Way darker than it was in the original. As you play you face so many moments that just pull on your heart strings and emotions and you feel something that you never felt before, the roller coaster of pleasure and disappointment, fear and relief. The beauty of TLOU2 is that if ten people play it side by side, ten people will have ten different opinions and things to say about the game. Some people hate it, others love it, others are stuck in the middle, TLOU2 will go down in history as on of the most controversial games in this generation.

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TLOU2 is a game where you have to put yourself in the shoes of almost every character to understand why things happened the way they did, even characters you hate, and slowly the beauty of this game starts to show. You hate a certain character for doing some things but eventually if you think deeply and see what they went through you start to think maybe you would have done the same thing. That is the real beauty of TLOU2. The best looking game during the swan song year of the PS4 wrapped around a complex and thought invoking perspective filled story that will leave you with emotions that you have never felt before.


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