Sim Brother Experiment Day 9: …and we’re back.

The Sims 3 LogoIt’s been a while but I’m kicking this Sim Brother Experiment back into touch. I had all the notes and screenshots for Day 9 so it was just a matter of putting them altogether. So with that short pre-amble out of the way, I bring you the return of…

…the Sim Brother Experiment Day 9.

The remaining house-guests finished off what they were doing and made their way to bed. An uncharacteristic bout of hunger pushed Margaret into an early morning snack of Goopy Carbonara, before she herself trundled off to her bedroom.

The guests who were sensible enough to go to bed at a reasonable hour, namely Diane, Barbara and Lucifer found themselves getting up in the middle of the morning. Diane moved as far away as she could from Lucifer. Barbara turned off some lights and then found herself in the same room as him. Well what was Lucifer to do at such a time of the morning? An early morning insult was just the thing. Barbara got both barrels of his abuse. She smiled pleasantly back at him and tried to engage him in conversation, only to be yelled at in return.

Diane missed the entire argument, and when she passed them on the way to the computer Barbara looked a little hurt and announced she was taking a bath. Lucifer smiled charmingly at Diane and sat down in front of the TV to play video games.

Sim Brother Experiment
"If I focus really hard on this game, I can ignore the fact he's in his pants."

Chet was the next to wake. He walked over to Diane, and she brightened his day. He was only just awake and already he felt good.

Sim Brother Experiment
Half Naked Darts... the new sport.

Chase woke at 05:55 and walked into Eddies room, while he was asleep to check herself out in his mirror. Was she teasing him? Did she want him to see her? One quick attack of neurosis later and she was running to check the sinks. When she was sure everything was OK, she played darts wearing only her vest and underway. Naughty!

Eddie woke up and moved from the bed to his place on the couch and watched Lucifer play video games. Diane was reading quietly to herself on the other end of the couch. It was just another ordinary day for Eddie.

Obsidian woke up with barely enough time to grab some waffles before the bus arrived. Chase stopped playing darts and ran out of the house after Obsidian to catch the bus.

Sim Brother ExperimentChet was bored so he played with the fire for a bit; seeing how long he could hold his hand in the flames before it hurt but it wasn’t working, he was still bored. Begrudgingly he picked up a console controller and joined Lucifer playing video games.

Chet’s natural competitive spirit was no match for Lucifer and after losing several games in a row he got up and told Eddie his diabolic evil plan. Eddie couldn’t believe what he was hearing and argued with Lucifer before storming off feeling hungry. Too lazy to eat real food, he picked up Margaret’s plate from earlier in the morning and licked it clean. Lucifer passed him on the way to the kitchen to pick up a bowl of cold Carbonara.

Still chuffed to bits about his new plan, Lucifer decided to tell Diane and being the least likely person to appreciate it, she accused him of being evil and left him standing there while she went off to clean the toilet.

This was turning into another fine day for Lucifer, he was well on the way to annoying everyone, but who should he scare? Maybe Margaret? No, Barbara she’s always good for a scare, and she’s too nice to ever get mad at him. Perfect.

Eddie returned from taking an exhausting bath and sat down in front of the TV. Busy day.

Margaret had managed to avoid Lucifer scaring her, by hiding herself away in the Creative room playing chess but Lucifer was keeping a close eye on her, she wasn’t going to avoid him all day,

Sim Brother ExperimentDiane took another skinny dipping session. Chet returned from cleaning the toilet, saw her and cheered. He loves a woman who does what she wanted.

Another day of endless cleaning and tidying up after the other house guests had left Barbara tired and a little frustrated, so much so that she spoke to Margaret about all the dirty dishes still lying around the house. Margaret avoided the topic and talked about computers until Barbara simply sighed to herself and went to make the beds. Margaret felt bad for Barbara, but there was too many books lying around for her to do dishes.

Sim Brother ExperimentLucifer had a thought, an evil thought. So many people loved this computer. What would happen if it had a little accident? With a few snips of wires the computer was reduced to a smouldering heap. He smiled to himself and went outside with even more mischief on his mind. There was Diane and she was naked, and more to the point there are her clothes. Checking to see if anyone was looking he grabbed her clothes and ran off with them. Then he casually walked to the bathroom and took a shower.

The rest of the house was simply passing time. Barbara and Eddie played Foosball, Chet was playing darts and Margaret was reading. It seemed like the house was doing nothing except avoiding Lucifer.

Sim Brother ExperimentObsidian and Chase arrived home from school. Obsidian full of angst and frustration from school went to the Creative room and painted. Chase sat down in the kitchen and started her homework.

Diane felt both relaxed and invigorated from her Jacuzzi but this was short-lived when she realised her clothes had gone. She managed to find a towel and rush into the house. Bumping into Barbara they each thought they know who did it. Well who else could it be?

Chase put the finishing touches to her homework and rewarded herself by having a good old stare out of the window. Meanwhile, Chet tried to impress Diane by eating dirt in front of her, she cheered him on but she was secretly a little disappointed in him. Chase snapped herself out of the stare and went to admire herself, passing Eddie who managed to grunt at her before returning to watch the TV.

Diane found herself still being happy to be in the house, and couldn’t help expressing it to Chet. Chet had heard this too many times and hearing it again was the last straw and he yelled at Diane. She understood how she can sometimes be and had no difficulty in apologising to Chet. He smiled back at her and went to join Eddie watching TV.

Chase got in to the hot-tub, but is soon approached by Barbara, who thought she should do something with her life, improve those skills of hers not just lie around in a tub.

Sim Brother Experiment
Obsidian is still not getting better at painting.

Obsidian put the finishing touches to his most recent painting and then went in the shower.

Lucifer finally scared Margaret after hours of watching her and making her feel nervous. She knew it was coming but at least now she could go and read, he wouldn’t scare her again. Would he?

The night closed in and once more the house-guests were chilling out. Barbara and Diane played Foosball, on different tables, Lucifer was reading, Chase was dancing, Obsidian, Eddie and Chet were all watching TV and Margaret played Video games.

Obsidian tried his hand at preparing an Autumn Salad, and it really wasn’t that bad.

Eddie ignored the fresh salad and grabbed another bowl of completely cold and a little stale Carbonara and then retired to bed at quarter past eleven. Barbara was the next to leave at 11:25. Lucifer will eat anything if he has no part in making it, so grabbed a plate of salad.

By midnight, everyone was in bed except Lucifer and Chet. Lucifer was still finishing off his salad and Chet was going for a midnight workout.

Post Day Analysis.

Well, it’s tricky to write the Post day Analysis this time, because this all happened about six months ago. From what I can remember this seemed to be just another day of Lucifer making a complete annoyance of him self. Which is no bad thing, without him I suspect being a complete prick this would be a little dull.

So yeah, sorry for the short commentary bit on this one, but the sooner this one is out of the way the sooner I can do Day 10 and get back into the rhythm a bit more.

Skill increases

  • Margaret – Chess (Level 4)
  • Obsidian – Painting (Level 6)

Relationship Status’

The Sim Brother Experiment

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