Sim Brother Experiment Day 13: Fight!!

It’s Day 13 in the Sim Brother house. With cabin-fever firmly setting in, the house guests are becoming easily irritated and accident prone. This isn’t helped by our resident villain, Lucifer but is this the day he get’s his comeuppance? You’ll have to read on to find out.

sim brother fight insult yell sims 3Lucifer soaked in the hot-tub. It had just gone midnight, and the rest of the house was sleeping. Lucifer had had a slow day, but then again even Lucifer needed a day off occasionally. He’d been in the tub for hours and his stomach rumbled. He took a plate of hotdogs out of the fridge and ate them on the benches by the pool. It was then that he heard Margaret getting ready. Lucifer rushed over to her bedroom and threw open the door and wasted no time in yelling at her. She accused him of being mean which only fuelled Lucifer’s insults, leaving Margaret humiliated and running to the bathroom for some peace.

Diane woke next; passing a rather tired but smug looking Lucifer on her way to the living room to watch TV. She was joined by Margaret who didn’t seem interested in the programme she read instead, but being next to Diane comforted her. Barbara didn’t rest very easily either, and was up early to cook some waffles.

sim brother sims 3Eddie woke up with a grumbling stomach, but as hungry as he was he couldn’t be bothered to make breakfast. Instead he found Lucifer’s plate outside and licked it clean. When it was clean he sat next to Diane and Margaret and watched TV.

At around 06:00 Chase and Chet woke up and went to the kitchen to get some leftovers. Diane stopped watching TV and joined them, though this may have been down to the rather funky smell coming from Eddie.

Obsidian got out of bed, and painted something new, although Diane interrupted his work to talk about movies. He feigned interest and chatted with her, and eventually she walked away.

sim brother sims 3 bath bikiniIt was twenty minutes until the school bus was due to arrive, and Chase must have forgotten what day it was. She changed into her bikini and got into the hot-tub, not that she could enjoy it for long. Both Obsidian and Chase ran out of the house on to the waiting bus.

Barbara had tidied the house since she woke up, and she needed a rest. Eddie was already on the couch watching Chet play his extreme video game. Diane walked over to Barbara and they gossiped and chatted, but by the time they were done Barbara had thought of a few more things that needed cleaning. Barbara and Diane continued their chat afterwards on the living room couch.

sim brother sims 3Margaret had got hungry by this time, and after eating a rather unpalatabley old hotdog she took her plate to the dishwasher. When she turned it on, sparks flew out and water leaked all over the kitchen floor. Nobody had seen her; could she get away with it? She wanted to own up, but other people in the house were bad so why couldn’t she be? She looked around, Chet was leaving the house to recycle some old papers but he hadn’t seen her. She took out an old book and joined Diane in the Living room.

Lucifer stayed in bed until 11:00, he stretched, put on his dressing room and prowled around the house. He saw Chet mopping up puddles in the kitchen; he was muttering to himself and looked irritated. He would be perfect. Lucifer walked over to him and made fun of his appearance. That was it, Chet had had enough. He leapt on Lucifer, and the fists started flying. The rest of the house guests were completely oblivious to the fight. Chet bounced Lucifer on the ground, and stood over him leering. Lucifer, now with the smile wiped off his face limped off to the living room. Even Lucifer felt the need for comfort sometimes, but thankfully they’d never know he’d been knocked on his ass by Chet.sim brother sims 3 punch dislike

Once Chet had finished mopping the puddle up in the kitchen, he took a shower and then walked to the Living room to play his extreme video games. Lucifer flinched when he saw him approach, but apart from a glare in Lucifer’s direction he didn’t mention the morning’s event.

sim brother sims 3 panicChase and Obsidian returned from school with Miraj. Obsidian sat down in front of the TV ignoring his homework. Chase freaked out. Poor Miraj wasn’t sure what to do, so just stood there watching her. It didn’t last long, and after blushing they both sat down outside and did their homework together. Chase was fast becoming a bit of a brain so she completed her homework quicker than Miraj, as he put the finishing touches to his, Chase went inside and danced in front of the big stereo.

Chet and Eddie had been watching TV together for a few hours now, and Chet had almost calmed down after his fight with Lucifer, but Eddie put his foot in it. We’re not sure what he said exactly but Chet didn’t like it and yelled at Eddie. Eddie’s unorthodox defence mechanism kicked in and he asked for food. Chet just looked at him, shook his head in disgust and went to the bathroom.

Obsidian had spent hours watching TV and although he wasn’t sitting next to anybody he felt he had been close enough to call it socialising, besides his easel was calling him. Back to the creative room he went to start another painting.

sim brother sims 3Miraj finished his homework and played darts. He was starting to feel comfortable in the house now, he hadn’t spoken to anyone or even announced his presence but he knew they’d be cool with it. Chase had been waylaid by Margaret and they were now discussing computers anyway.

Eddie had now made his way to the kitchen, the plate he licked in the morning hadn’t done much to fill him up and now he was hungry. So much so, that he made himself a salad. He scoffed it down in the kitchen and then went back to join Chet and Margaret on his couch and watch TV.

sim brother sims 3With the sound of rushing water, and the feint sound of someone swearing, Diane emerged from the bathroom soaked through. The sink tap had come off in her hands and now the bathroom was flooded. She was only trying to wash the plates now the dishwasher has broken. That was it for as far as she was concerned; there was nothing Diane could do now so she went to bed. Sure it was only 21:20 but she was tired.

sim brother sims 3 broken flood waterBarbara and Margaret went to bed next, waving a friendly goodbye to everyone except Lucifer who was still trying to ignore everybody. Chet picked up a few of the plates that were still dotted around and went to wash them in on of the other working sinks. The familiar sound of rushing water, mixed with the much louder sounds of Chet swearing signified that yet another sink had broken and for once Chet wasn’t going to be the one to sort it out. He stormed off to bed at 22:45, grunting goodnight to the rest of the household, expect Lucifer of course.

sim brother sims brotherAt around 23:00 Miraj got bored with playing darts and went home. Obsidian finished his painting and he had to be honest but this was the best one he’d painted yet, he might be able to sell this for a couple of hundred dollars. He took a quick shower and then went to bed.

The rest of the house guests soon followed, and by midnight the entire house was fast asleep in bed.


Post day Analysis

Well there we have it, our first ever fight. Well, second I suppose technically as Chet already beat-up the burglar but this is the first fight between housemates. Lucifer got trounced of course as you’d expect Chet does work out. I have to wonder if Lucifer was playing Arcade games all day and not talking to anyone because of the fight. It’s the type of thing people would do isn’t it, becoming all withdrawn and isolated. There’s also no level lower than ‘disliked’ which I think is rather odd.

Three plumbing items broke today which means we may be expecting a mopping frenzy over the next few days. I’ll see how Day 14 goes, but if they spend the entire day mopping again I’ll ring the repairman.

I took a look at the ages of my Sims and they were all only one day old. I suspect that a patch has reset the ages. Well, there was no way that I was going to wait another ten days for them to age so I played around with the age settings. Nothing serious, but once they have all aged up in a day or two I’ll change the settings back to the default to keep up the integrity.

Day 14 of the Sim Brother Experiment beckons



  • Barbara – Cooking (Level 4)
  • Eddie – Cooking (Level 1)



sim brother sims 3 table

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