Sim Brother Experiment Day 10: The Visitors

The Sims 3 LogoIt’s a new day in the Sim Brother house, and today brings you more guests, skinny-dipping, arguments and TV watching. Does Lucifer finally go too far? Does Barbara stop cleaning? Does Eddie get up off the living room couch?

Read on to find out more.


Most of the house guests were asleep at midnight except for Chet who was on his way for a late night workout, and Lucifer who was in the kitchen eating a particularly devilish salad. Suddenly a siren blared through the house. It was loud enough to wake everyone up and stop Lucifer and Chet from what they were doing, but it stopped just as suddenly leaving everybody confused.

Chet and Lucifer saw this as a sign to go to bed as did most of the house, but it reminded Barbara that she hadn’t eaten and Chase was feeling a little too paranoid to sleep just yet. After grabbing some salad and making sure the house wasn’t on fire, Chase and Barbara went to bed around 01:00.

Margaret was the first to wake at 05:36. She tiptoed into the kitchen and ate some of the salad left on the counter, and then found somewhere quiet to read.

Eddie woke up next and went straight for the ass-groove in the living room couch he had become so proud of, and watched TV.

Chet, Chase, Lucifer and Obsidian all woke up around 07:15. Chase went for some breakfast, Obsidian went to the Creative Room to paint that vivid dream of a kitten he’d had last night and Chet went for that workout that he didn’t get chance for last night.

Sim brother Experiment yell insult fightLucifer was feeling bristly and full of confidence and couldn’t let Chet strut around in that egomaniac way any longer. He intercepted Chet in the hallway and told him how he thought exercise-freaks were just overcompensating for a tiny mind. It had exactly the effect Lucifer wanted. Chet turned to him and argued back. Lucifer raised the stakes and yelled at him calling Chet every name he could, and Chet wasn’t going to be beaten so he returned the abuse. Diane passed them in the hallway as she left her room to get breakfast, but she knew she shouldn’t get In the middle of them so passed by without saying anything.

When the yelling had eventually stopped Chet needed to chill out. He turned on the stereo and did star-jumps and crunches to relieve the stress. Lucifer was having a great time and chose his next victim, Obsidian. Lucifer had to admit he was an easy target but the effect was the same to him. A nice scare should do the trick but before Lucifer could get close Obsidian ran past him to get to the school-bus that had just honked its horn.  Chase followed quickly behind him, leaving the bowl of half-made waffles on the kitchen counter.

Knowing his new target was out of reach for a few hours, Lucifer tried to irritate Chet again by yelling at him but Chet was too pumped to feel bad, and just wanted to talk about the house. Even when Lucifer tried to insult Chet’s family, he did nothing except accuse him of being evil and walk away.

For the next few hours the house was calm and in the most part quiet. Eddie and Lucifer watched TV together. Barbara bustled from room to room making beds, and cleaning counters. She even had time to finish making Chase’s waffles. Margaret followed Barbara around trying to help her clean but after getting in her way more than helping she spoke with Chet and asked how his day was. When he wasn’t being his overbearing idiot self, Chet could be nice. Diane picked up a nice book from the shelves and read. Everything was nice and calm.

skinny dipping sim brotherIt was too calm for Lucifer, he needed to do something. Where was Chet? He’d had his eye on him for most of the day but he must have gotten distracted. When Lucifer got outside he saw Chet skinny dipping in the hot-tub. This was not a sight he wanted to see, but it didn’t matter he knew what he had to do. He picked up the pile of Chet’s clothes and sneaked away with them. Just in time as well, Chet was just getting out of the tub. Chet returned to the house with a towel wrapped around his waist demanding his clothes back, but only one person knew where they were and he wasn’t telling.

Sim brother house guest visit landgrab malcolm mirajThe school bus horn signalled that Chase and Obsidian had just got back, but they weren’t alone. They’d each decided to bring home a friend. Chase brought home Malcolm Landgrab, while Miraj Alvi had tagged along with Obsidian.

Obsidian went straight to the Creative Room to start a new painting, not saying a word to his friend. Miraj didn’t care though, that was what Obsidian was like. Miraj sat down in the kitchen and started doing his homework. Chase sat down on the driveway outside and started doing her homework. Malcolm was about to join Chase when he saw Diane approaching him. He smiled at her as she spoke. She lifted his spirit and made him feel better, and he felt comfortable speaking to her. Malcolm joined Chase feeling so good about himself and wondering if Chase thought of him at all.

movies talking sim brother chat speakThe house was as clean as Barbara could make it and feeling like she had earned a sit down, she put on the Cooking Channel and relaxed. Chet had seen Miraj doing his film studies homework in the kitchen, and before long they were chatting about movies. They couldn’t chat for long though, Miraj was conscious of the time and he had to finish his homework.

Lucifer saw Barbara, she was relaxing, ‘Well this just won’t do’ he though to himself. Lucifer stomped over to where Barabara was sitting and yelled at her, accusing her of being lazy and not deserving of a break. She just looked at him and smiled a warm motherly smile, and asked him about whether he prefers fine cuisine or home-cooked meals. Lucifer lost the ability to yell, and told her that he prefers home cooked meals ‘They’re made with love’ he found himself saying. She smiled at his answer and got up to potter around the house. Eddie and Chet returned to the lounge, and they all sat and watched TV together.

sim brother experiment yells landgrabMargaret saw Malcolm doing his book report on the driveway, but when she saw what he was reading she couldn’t help herself. She walked out of the house, and told Malcolm exactly what she thought of that stupid book.

Malcolm felt neglected watching Chase wander off after completing her homework to check herself out in the mirror, and went to join Miraj and Obsidian in the Creative Room. Chase got into the hot-tub. Malcolm saw her go out there, but without an invitation he wasn’t going to join her, besides he still hadn’t finished his homework.

Eddie made one of his few ventures off of the living room couch to speak to Malcolm. Diane was already there talking to Miraj and Eddie was so engrossed in Malcolm’s conversation that he didn’t see Lucifer sneaking up on him. One Eddie-scare later and Lucifer was feeling very proud of himself again, so much so that he thought he’d go for a swim in the fountain.

sim brother exercise couch potatoEddie must have felt a little different today; he went outside, stripped to his trunks and then started to swim in the pool. Yes, Eddie can swim. The night drew in and the house guests started to go to bed one by one, first Margaret, then Barbara, Chet and Diane. Miraj and Malcolm waited until Obsidian had finished his painting before eventually leaving the house at a 23:15; Obsidian went to bed soon afterwards.

By midnight, Lucifer and Eddie were still swimming in the pool and fountain, and Chase had completely lost track of time as she soaked in the hot tub.


Post Day Analysis

It feels good to be doing the Sim Brother Experiment again, but I might as well change its name to the Lucifer show. He’s the star of the thing. It shows that for the Sims I’ve created at least they are more likely to slide into dislike and annoyance and not friendship and love. There hasn’t been a sniff of any romance so far, there’s been very few friendships.

As I watched Chet and Lucifer’s relationship bar slide more and more into the red, I thought that today would by the day for the first fight in the house. Then they watched TV together so said goodbye to that thought.

The two guests, Malcolm Landgrab and Miraj Arvi  were the biggest focus of day 10, not just for me but for the house guests. They didn’t do much but they did interact with most of the Sims at one time or another.

I do hope that sims can get out of pools without a ladder. Lucifer is swimming in the fountain and there isn’t a ladder.  Could I just let Lucifer die?

I’ll leave you with this thought. If Eddie can get off the sofa and go swimming at 22:00 at night, then I guess there is still a lot more the Sim Brother Experiment has to show us.

sim brother death trap pool ladder drowning


  • Barbara – Cooking (Level 3)



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