Sim Brother Experiment Day 8: Lucifer Goes too Far

The repairwoman made her way around the rest of the broken items; when finished she casually threw her wrench in the air and caught it, took her money and then left the house, with a weird feeling that she’ll be back.

Once the repairwoman had left, Chase went to bed and Obsidian got himself a snack but he wasn’t far behind her. By 00:35 the entire house was still and calm.

By 07:00 everyone was up, and doing their own thing. Some went to the kitchen to get some food, others played video games or watched TV, Obsidian scurried off to the Creative room to paint.  Everything felt how you would imagine a Sunday Morning to feel.

"That's it!"

It wasn’t until Lucifer started acting out that the peace was broken. His first victim of the day was Chet, who was just minding his own business watching the TV. Lucifer squared up to him and just started screaming at him, Chet was too surprised to react, and in trying to transfer the target to someone else, tried to gossip with Lucifer. Sensing Chet was on the ropes Lucifer made a rather insulting reference to Chet’s lineage and Chet snapped. It wasn’t the most manly of responses; Chet slapped Lucifer around the face.

Lucifer was actually hurt, physically and mentally and who better to take it out on then the quiet, Goth loner himself, Obsidian. Lucifer snuck up on him and waited for the right moment to strike. He waited… and waited… and waited, but Obsidian was too engrossed in painting to see him. Lucifer’s rage built up and his wish to just scare Obsidian, turned into the need to insult him. And when it happened it hurt, it hurt enough for Obsidian to foolishly open himself up even more and tell Lucifer how humiliated he felt. The weird thing is, Lucifer backed down and apologised. He couldn’t completely leave Obsidian alone, so he whined and moaned about art as a last shot. The conversation ended when Obsidian went to play Video Games, leaving Lucifer to top up his scaring quota with Barbara.


That wasn’t the only heated conversation in the house. A nice and pleasant story shared between Eddie and Diane took a nasty turn. Eddie argued with her about the ending, although their tempers lowered once they started chatting about their favourite TV shows.

The house quietened as people busied themselves once again. Chase got her grove on, Barbara swept through the house gathering laundry  and making beds, and everyone else went to get some food or took a shower. When Chet joined Lucifer swimming, the friction from earlier was still there, as Lucifer left the pool almost immediately and went inside to play the arcade game.

For hours nothing more exciting than that happened, people just milled about the house mopping up the water from the refurbished bathrooms, playing darts, watching television.

"I don't like you!"

It wasn’t until the afternoon, when the quiet was once again broken by Lucifer’s cantankerous personality. This time it was Diane who felt the brunt as her family was criticized. Diane although good, wasn’t going to let anyone insult her family and accused Lucifer of being mean. Lucifer agreed of course, but that didn’t stop him yelling at Diane, calling her rude and many other things not printable here. The argument ended with Diane accusing Lucifer of being evil and then storming off. Lucifer had a couple of failed attempts at scaring people; Eddie who was too busy watching TV and Obsidian who had continued painting. Chase made the fool mistake of getting too near Lucifer and got insulted for her trouble. Now suitable sated, Lucifer retired to the lounge to just watch some TV with Eddie Diane and Barbara. Chase feeling a little dejected, soaked herself in the hot tub.

Obsidian finished another painting of what can only be described as a red misty thing. After spending a few minutes playing video games, he retreated back to the Creative room to continue his kitten painting.

The errr... red mist.

Despite Chet mopping out the bathrooms, Barbara still must have felt he wasn’t contributing enough to the cleaning and asked Chet to help by taking the trash out. Barbara has such a motherly way of doing it, that Chet didn’t mind and he insisted that Barbara put her feet up in front of the TV while he did it.

As Barbara, Eddie, Diane and Lucifer all sat goggle-eyed in front of the Cooking Channel, they couldn’t help but take in all the recipes and tips. In fact, Diane and Barbara discussed a recipe for Goopy Carbonara in so much detail that Barbara headed to the kitchen and cooked up a batch for the household.

The night drew in and people slowly made their way to bed. Diane who had been out for a late night swim went first. As midnight approached half of the house was already fast asleep. Only, Obsidian, Margaret and Diane were left awake.

The good, the bad and the ugly

Post Day Analysis.

I realised that the write-ups may be erring on the side of ‘too long’ considering most of the time Sims are just going to the toilet or getting something to eat. I’ve cut down how much I write about each day, trying to keep it just to the interesting stuff, fights, kisses, things breaking etc. Hope it works better. It’s certainly easier now that everything’s been fixed.

Currently, the only interesting thing happening is Lucifer just going around pissing everybody off. This isn’t bad in itself, as that will lead to fights within a few days. It doesn’t look like anything romantic’s going to happen soon, but I guess as Eddie’s daytime habits of just sitting down put him in the thick of most chats, my money’s on the inappropriate slob for the first kiss.

The Stir crazy moodlet is also still on the first step for everyone.

Skill increases

  • Barbara – Cooking (Level 1 & 2)
  • Diane – Cooking (Level 2)

Relationship Status’

If you want to read more about the experiment, either click on the tab at the top of the page, or click here.

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