Sim Brother Experiment Day 7: Plumbing Problems and Chet’s Accident

As the clock struck 00:00 something strange happened. Everyone stopped what they were doing and just stood up. Obsidian stopped painting, Chase stopped dancing, Eddie got up from the couch, and the other five housemates all got out of bed at exactly the same time. Then they just went back to bed. Lucifer managed to get a quick scare on Diane, but after that they both followed the rank and file of people just heading to the bedrooms. The entire household slept soundly until 04:30, when one by one the house-guests woke.

Chet woke first and sat down in his y-fronts in front of the TV. Barbara woke next and started doing the laundry. Margaret and Diane woke almost at the same time, and they both made a b-line for the fridge. When Lucifer woke at just past six, he made the long walk to one of the only bath’s left in the house that worked.

"mmmmmm... tasty?"

Diane burned her only culinary offering to the house, but Eddie didn’t mind. The first thing he does when we woke up was to pick up a plate of the charred waffles and tuck in before heading straight back to the TV..

Obsidian woke and joined Chet watching TV in the Living room but Chet had things to do and didn’t sit with him for long. Within minutes he had got up and was making his way to the more flooded of the two bathrooms with a mop in his hand.

"That's it! I've had enough of you, you... you.... horrid little man."

Barbara was focusing so hard on doing the laundry that she didn’t notice Lucifer waiting in the wings to scare her. She carried on bustling around until Lucifer eventually gave up waiting and went to yell at Margaret. Despite being in no mood to deal with Lucifer’s aggression, Margaret did her best to defuse the situation. She chatted to Lucifer despite his constant sighing and yawning, and even stood there patiently while he revealed his mastermind plot to her. Though something snapped in Margaret. She had put up with his yelling and insults for too long now and she wasn’t going to take it any longer. Margaret said the cruelest thing she could think of to Lucifer. He wavered, he looked even surprised, but as Margaret stomped off to find something calming to read, a thin black smile curled on Lucifer’s lips revealing that she hadn’t hurt him as much as she first thought.

Chet was losing the battle with the water on the bathroom floor. No matter how much he mopped up, more puddles just kept appearing. Diane helped him for a little while, but even kindhearted Diane got a little bored and decided that hanging the washing up would be more fun. It wasn’t until master-mopper Barbara came and helped him that the puddles really started to disappear.

Chase was the last person to wake up, and her first hour or so of the day was spent going to the bathroom, checking herself out in the mirror, staring out of windows and checking taps. She’s an odd girl.

"Yes! More mopping, and it's all mine!"

Barbara slowly but surely started to take over the mopping, leaving Chet with nothing to do. Eddie was still just sitting there on the couch, and Chet had to say something. Striding over to Eddie, Chet complains to him about his laziness. Almost if it was a normal response Eddie tried to mooch some food from Chet. Realising he wasn’t going to get anything, Eddie returns to the TV and after a spot of recycling Chet joins him.

For the next hour or so, the house-guests mostly potter around busying themselves. Apart from Eddie who remains watching the TV for the whole time, everyone has their own little things to do. Chet, Lucifer, Obsidian and Barbara get some waffles from the fridge, Margaret keeps reading her book, Chase dances away and Diane plays Foosball by herself. The house is filled with a satisfied calm, as everyone just amuses themselves.

"Ah, Dang it!

The atmosphere is broken when Obsidian tries to wash his plate in one of the few working sinks in the house. The faucet breaks and more water cascades its way on to the bathroom floor. Racked with guilt, Obsidian starts a new painting of a little fluffy kitten to make himself feel better.

"Kittens always make me feel better."

The laundry has piled up so Barbara visits each room and carries as much laundry as she can, stuffing it into the washing machine in the kitchen. A housewife’s job is apparently never done, and her next job is to mop all of those never-ending puddles in the three bathrooms.

"Oh... Oh no!"

Diane, who has kept herself to herself so far, talks to Chet about fine cuisine. They discuss cooking to such depth that Chet completely forgets that he needs the bathroom. One too many conversations about drinks and he couldn’t help it. Chet pees himself right in front of Diane. Chet left the room as quick as he could embarrassed, diving into the furthest away bath that he could. Diane left feeling awkward, and knowing that the goodness in her heart wouldn’t allow her to laugh or make fun of Chet, she turns to Margaret and asks about her day, before allowing Margaret to get back to her book.

When Lucifer passed by the Creative room and saw Obsidian in there by himself painting. He couldn’t help himself. Lucifer insulted Obsidian’s family. Obsidian was a little hurt at first, but then realised he was probably right, and they both ended up taking about Art and then the game for the next few minutes.

At the same time, in the wettest bathroom Eddie had made one of his few visits off the couch to insult Barbara’s family. She took it with as much grace as she could, and even managed to turn the conversation round to TV programs which Eddie enjoyed. Lucifer fresh from his conversation with Obsidian, sneaks up and scares Barbara.

At this point half of the household were cleaning; Barbara collected clothes for the laundry and Lucifer, Diane and Obsidian were mopping up the puddles. Even Eddie had managed to find something to do that didn’t involve sitting or TV, and was happily playing darts by himself Chet was still bathing, trying to wash off the shame.

Margaret and Chase had a quiet chat in the living room, they started off talking about the bookstore, and then went on to talk about computers. For half an hour or so, they just chatted, like the best of friends.

"I am not having a good day!"

If peeing himself wasn’t bad enough, as Chet got out of the bath, the hot tape broke spraying water all over the bathroom. Another bath had gone, more water was being spilled and the house was rapidly running out of ways to keep clean.

The newest bath to break, ensured the house’s cleaning frenzy continued. Diane, Obsidian and Chase desperately tried to hold back the tides of water, while Barbara and Margaret chose to clean the baths themselves.

As the night started to draw in, the cleaning dies down a bit. Chet sat down with Lucifer in front of the TV; Diane played the Darwin’s Revenge arcade game, Margaret logged on to the computer for a quick game; and Chase played foosball.

Not quite ready to settle down for the night yet, Eddie saw Obsidian in the kitchen taking the clothes out of the dryer and used this as his chance to strike; criticizing Obsidian’s family. Obsidian, un-phased by this asked about Eddie’s Day, but got nothing except a grunt in return. After which, Eddie joined Chet and Lucifer on the couch and Obsidian continued his painting.

“That was it!” He’d had enough, the constant running water, the endless mopping, and having to walk what felt like miles to take a shower; Chet rang the repairman.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

It doesn’t take long for her to arrive, in fact there just enough time for Lucifer to insult Barbara.


Whatever house pride exists in the house-guests must have been tweaked. As soon as the repair-woman arrives, everyone in the household, except Eddie of course who’s too busy watching TV, stops what they’re doing and goes to mop up the puddles. Most guests just get in each others way so not many people actually mop. Chet gets out quickly and decides he’d rather stick his hand in the fire and Lucifer chatted to the repair-woman. They get on quite well; Lucifer is charming, until you get to know him. It’s not long after that the repair-woman gets on with repairing the many things that are broken in the house.

At 22:30 the house-guests start going to bed. By 00:00 most of the household is asleep. Chase is checking the sink, and Obsidian is off to get some late night waffles, but more importantly the repair-woman has fixed two baths and the dishwasher and she’s still going. Normal service should be resumed soon.

Post Day Analysis.

I know, I caved. I made Chet ring the repair-woman. I just got so bored, with the entire household doing nothing except mopping. It’s clear that no-one was going to actually try to repair anything. I waited until the right time, in this case. Chet was shooed out of the bathroom, so his queue was empty and before he assigned himself something else. I made him ring the repair guy (or gal, as it was in this case.)

It just got too much for me

Lucifer picked up a new dislike, in the name of Margaret, but other than that there wasn’t really much change relationship wise. It certainly seems easier for an evil person to make enemies than a good person to make friends. I figured it would be equal, but as the grid below shows, it isn’t.

Quite a dull day really, with the bad plumbing being everyone’s bugbear. You had to walk miles to the bathroom, and people were just too drawn to mopping. Even people who wouldn’t really. Barbara I can understand, as she has the neat perk. Eddie also makes sense not doing it, as he has the slob perk. But I think the other people would be 50/50 at best.

Oh, and I think the reason everyone just forgot what they were doing at 00:00, is because there was a new patch. Something must have triggered to clear all the current Sims’ queue.

I guess the highlight of this day is a grown-man wetting himself, oh yeah and Margaret standing up for herself.

Skill increases

  • Obsidian – Painting (Level 5)
  • Diane – Cooking (Level 1)

Relationship Status’

If you want to read more about the experiment, either click on the tab at the top of the page, or click here.

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