Riot Games News Collator RiotWatch Launched

Lexicon Gaming is proud to announce that RiotWatch, a new site that lets you easily find and follow the latest Riot Games news, is now live!

After spending ten years with only League of Legends to their name, Riot Games has somehow managed to put out four new PvP games in the last three years, and publish a couple of single-player games through third-party developers as well. With all the eSports happenings, patch notes, and special events spread across Riot’s many titles, it can be tough to keep up with the latest news on your latest game — until now.

In addition to the browser-based version of the tool, you can also use add the RiotWatch Discord Bot to your server. The RiotWatch Bot can be set to track any and all of Riot’s titles, and you can also filter updates by category (eSports, News, Patch Notes, etc). The bot is simple to install and set up, and makes it easy to ensure sure you don’t miss all the latest on your favorite games.

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