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Content Type: Gaming News
Date: November 1, 2022

The World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm saw the addition of the in-game Dungeon Journal, which offered players a source of information on the game’s many raid and dungeon encounters. Now, Warcraft DB lets you access all that, plus detailed tips on how to approach boss fights, from anywhere.

For every instance in the game, you’ll be able to find a list of bosses, loot, a map detailing the location of each encounter, and in-game models of the bosses. The tool also allows you to view information for the various difficulty levels of dungeons, from Normal to Mythic. On Warcraft DB, you’ll be able to learn about the new Dragonflight raid instance Vault of the Incarnates, or prepare for the Ulduman: Legacy of Tyr dungeon.

It can be tough to avoid a wipe on new raids, which is where Warcraft DB comes in handy; it’s got role-specific tips and approaches for all the Dragonflight bosses, to make sure your party survives each and every encounter. Don’t have a second monitor? No problem — the site is optimized for mobile devices as well, with on-click tooltips for boss abilities and loot.

warcraft db dragonflight vault of the incarnates raszageth the storm eater

Easy to use, and containing all the info you need to tackle WoW’s deadliest foes, Warcraft DB is your new best friend when entering World of Warcraft’s dungeons and raids. Whether you’re preparing for your guild’s next raid, deciding what dungeon to clear next, or even just looking at old bosses and reminiscing, Warcraft DB has you covered.

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