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Date: October 21, 2015

A few days ago, I let you know which of the Hunter Hearthstone cards are the ones I simply have to use, and today it’s the Shaman’s turn. The Shaman, Master of the Elements, and totem-flinger extraordinaire gets its chance to step into the limelight.

Most shaman decks are packed full of elemental energy and totems, and in my opinion it is these that make them a fun class to play, but I must play with the same rules as before. If I don’t actually own the card it can’t make it into the list.

Crackle Shaman hearthstone card5. Crackle

With a cost of three mana and 1 overload, it is a little pricey but if something large and rather disagreeable is heading your way, the chance of 6 damage is enough to make this card useful and deadly. Not overly interesting as cards go but very effective.

Thunder Bluff Valient Shaman Hearthstone Card4. Thunder Bluff Valiant

You have to love Inspire cards. Well, I guess you don’t, but I do. Thunder Bluff Valiant, gives your totems +2 attack every time you use your Hero Power and summon a totem. Even a harmless little Wrath of Air Totem can become something deadly. Word of advice, I tend to wait until I have seven mana so I can get one totem out the moment I summon him. Thunder Bluff Valiant tends to attract attention and for damn good reason.

Fire Elemental Hearthstone Card3. Fire Elemental

A fairly iconic, symbol of the Shaman in World of Warcraft is the Fire Elemental, and Hearthstone card is no different. For 6 mana not only do you get a stocky fighter with admirable health and attack values, but for no additional cost a 3 damage fireball you can throw at who-ever you want. The Fire Elemental makes a statement before he’s attacked.

Hex Shaman Hearthstone Card2. Hex

This card and all the crowd control type cards are essential for a lot of decks. Hex takes any minion and squashes it down to the size of a helpless frog. A helpless frog with Taunt, but with only one health he’s not going to stay alive for very long anyway.

Bloodluct Shaman Hearthstone Card1. Bloodlust
If you haven’t got Bloodlust in your deck, then what the hell are you doing? For 5 mana every minion you own gets a +3 attack bonus. Combine this with Windfury, Flametongue Totem, Thunder Bluff Valiant and watch as your all-powerful opponent tis smashed to pieces in the space of a turn. Ah, so enjoyable.

My Favourite Warlock cards will be next, stay tuned.

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