Search Terms, How did you find me?

I came across this blog and they had taken 10 interesting search terms that had taken people to their blog and then they had written a bit about those queries and sent them to the right place. I figured that this sounded rather fun, so I thought I’d give it a go.

For my search terms, I went to Google Webmaster and looked at the search terms that had listed my blog as the lowest in Google, but that had still got people here. So here they are, oh and there was one I couldn’t even read so I didn’t do that one”¦

P.S. Now I’ve written this, I can’t believe how many of those terms ended up being rude. Not sure I want those searchers coming here.

Human Augmentation

I assume that these people were looking for information about augmentations in Deus Ex: Human Revolution but Deus Ex augmentation information is listed later, so in this case I’ll direct you to the Wikipedia page that details the real forms of human enhancement. Which I thought was pretty interesting.

Lucifer Painting

This one seems easy enough. People would have been brought here by my character in the Sims 3 called Lucifer. I assume they mean the devil, and there are soooo many pictures of the red-man himself that I’m not going to upload one here. In fact I suspect the search I did has put me on some kind of FBI list. Anywhere, here’s a link to his Wikipedia page where you can read all about him”¦ if you wanted to, of course.

Naughty Bookworms

Naughty bookworms? A quick search on that revealed a great many videos of a less than family nature. Instead just think about some lovable worms with a great love of literature playing mischievously.

Online logo

Another curious one. Not sure what they could looking for with this except a logo to symbolise being online. It seemed a bit too generic to try to pinpoint why or how they got sent here. Though there is a company called Online Logo, so without any other knowledge I can think of no better place than there…

The sims Social

The Sims Social is a Facebook game created by the same people who created The Sims 3.

There’s a link already on this site to the Sims Social Facebook page. Sorted!


Sundermount is the large mountain that features in the video game Dragon Age 2. It’s one of the few external-to-Kirkwall quest areas. So there’s no better place to direct you than the Dragon Age wiki.

S logo
A logo of an S? Another curious one, but easy to resolve I suppose. Enjoy, courtesy of Google

Licking ass

A similar albeit more obvious problem here than I had with naughty bookworms. I’m not going there, sorry. Apart from anything else, it’s just too obvious. Why this search brought them here, god only knows. I imagine that they would have been a little confused and disappointed when they got here though.

Dues ex human revolution augmentations

Clearly they needed some help on the various augmentations that you can be fitted with in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. There’s some stuff on this blog about Deus Ex: Human Revolution but the augmentations are described on the Deus Ex Wiki so I didn’t feel the need to repeat them.

Jawa star wars

There’s virtually no reference to these little guys on my site, but any excuse for a Star Wars reference right? If you’re not sure who they are, then you must go and hurt yourself now. Done? Ok, the Jawa’s are a race of small gnome like creatures on Tattoine. They wore long covering robes and the only thing you can see of their faces are their glowing red eyes. They’re traders and they were the guys who sold R2D2 and C3PO to Luke in ‘A New Hope’. Here they are…

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Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin

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12 years ago

The most random is the Jawa star wars search. So left field.

Reply to  Jim Franklin
12 years ago

Well that would make sense. Maybe set up a tutorial on how to put this baby into WordPress? I’m lacking understanding on how to put this puppy in there.