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Content Type: Gaming News
Date: December 21, 2017

Gravity Rush Central has launched a response to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s September 2017 announcement sighting that all online servers for Gravity Rush 2 will be taken offline. The campaign aims to reverse the decision with a logical statement referring to the fact that so much effort was invested in creating interesting online features; only to see that creativity and talent disappear after only one year. It also means that gamers who are yet to purchase or will not be receiving Gravity Rush 2 during the Christmas or New Year period will be able to complete the story, but will be unable to experience the online features; therefore rendering new players after January 18th 2018 incapable of collecting numerous in-game items and unable to have any form of asynchronous player interaction. Another important purpose of the campaign is to try to prevent the unique Gravity Rush series going the same way as Colony Wars, Destruction Derby, G-Police, Pursuit Force, SOCOM, Spyro the Dragon and many more classic franchises that were formerly thriving on earlier generations of PlayStation.

Not to mention that it is also not a particularly nice way of saying thanks to gamers who have supported Gravity Rush 2, although it is not the first game to have suddenly had its online functionality removed as Kill Strain and The Tomorrow Children were taken offline within a year of releasing, despite being online only games. Whoever would have thought when Gravity Rush 2 was announced for Vita at Tokyo Game Show 2013 that not only would it never release for Vita, but that an unfair removal of online servers would take place only one year after the game released. This is most certainly not for the players, so if you would like to support Gravity Rush Central’s campaign, then read their statement and post your dismay on social media with the hashtag #DontForgetGravityRush in order to attempt to get the protest seen by Sony Japan Studio, Shuhei Yoshida and Shawn Layden.

Long live Gravity Rush 2 and the future of Gravity Rush as a continuing series!

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