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Date: August 11, 2020

You know the feeling of peace and that tingle you get sometimes at the bottom of your spine when you stand at a beautiful spot just looking at the scenery and taking it all in? Ya well, I got that feeling uncountable times while playing Ghost of Tsushima or as the fans love to call it GoT.


Every open world game has an environment, that environment has trees, animals, hills, mountains, waterfalls, the ocean and lots more. But, that is where the magic of GoT really comes into play. First of all I must say the wind mechanic in GoT makes the environment just stand on another level compared to other open world games. When you use the wind mechanic which is brilliantly placed on the ds4’s touchpad the enviornment just comes alive. It’s hard to put into words but if you have played GoT you know what im trying to say. At those moments It is the most beautiful game that I have ever played.


Riding your horse through a field of flowers as you see the sunrise starting to peek out from behind a hill accompanied by a little yellow bird beckoning you to follow it as it rides the flowing wind is one of the many moments you will feel that you haven’t seen anything this beautiful ever before. If game design is an art, then GoT’s environment is the most beautiful painting any game has delivered and leaving everything aside, the beauty of this environment is enough to buy this amazing game.

Ghost Of Tsushima Presents Itself 21592

To top it all off photo mode is another reason why GoT is one of the most beautiful games of this generation. Through my journey to platinum, I spend more time in photo mode than I played the actual game. Every place you go, or every move Jin makes against an enemy is so beautiful that your finger just automatically presses photo mode. One top of this beautiful world, photo mode has the ability to change the time of day along with filters and even wind force and direction which is just the cherry on top. I really want to say that Sucker Punch has outdone themselves and for me personally this game was a visual vacation.

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