Corepunk Open World MMORPG Announced for PC

Artificial Core, are happy to announce their first release, a top-down, open world non-linear MMORPG set in an immersive universe known as Corepunk. It’s still quite a way off yet, as they’re planning a release for late 2020, but that hasn’t stopped them releasing screenshots and a trailer to let everyone know just what’s coming up.

Speaking of trailers…

So, what is Corepunk? Well, it’s a Diablo-esque style RPG set in a large and expansive open world, filled with intricately detailed environments populated by four unique cultures. Sites from massive sprawling cities to lonely desert camps are just some of the areas you’ll be heading to as part of the quest system. However, unlike other quest systems, in Corepunk you can complete these story missions in which ever order you prefer.

Before you go off adventuring, you’ll need to create your character. Each character has a different fight style and set of abilities, which can be tweaked and tailored through talents and special artifacts acquired as you explore, leading to massively different characters. Though items, will also affect your gameplay, but luckily Corepunk features an extensive economy system, so you’ll be able to craft and trade gear as well.

Your characters are not the only thing that can vary with each playthrough. Quests can branch off, and there are also a number of alternate endings.

The fog-of-war system will ensure players will constantly be kept on their toes thanks to dynamic weather and day/night cycles. While it may seem like a hazard at first glance, this system can be utilized to ambush and lure foes into traps during PvP.

To stay alive in PvP make sure you understand your skills, watch your cooldowns and understand your strengths and weaknesses. As you defeat enemies, you’ll gain honor points. Don’t worry if you’re just getting started though, the Karma points system is there to stop powerful players steamrollering you.

“Corepunk represents a synthesis of our favorite settings and themes from science fiction,” says Eugene Kiver, Producer of Corepunk. “Over the course of five years, we’ve expanded our team to over 100 people to ensure our vision of the ultimate futuristic fantasy comes to life. We can’t wait to have MMORPG fans live out their technocratic dreams with us.”

Corepunk also includes a huge amount of lore, arenas, battlegrounds, guilds, farms, randomly generated dungeons, raids, and crafting and mining professions. Players will also be able to meet and join up with human companions in order to take on harrowing quests that few would dare challenge alone.

Corepunk is the first release for Amsterdam based Development Studio, Artificial core and will be released on PC in quarter 4, 2010.

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