Content Type: Gaming News
Date: October 5, 2020

It was a huge week for Call of Duty Cold War Zombies mode as new trailers, videos, images and information was released. Most of the reactions from zombie fans has been overwhelmingly great from what I’ve seen so far. Like most things new, it could just be a hype from finally seeing or hearing something new is coming out. Only after launch and some actual playtime before people get an honest reaction or feeling about the mode. For now I’ll talk about the key features coming that are pretty huge and maybe going unnoticed.



“Cross Play on Steriods”

We’ve heard gamers talk about cross play in the community before, but this Call of Duty seems to be taking cross play on steroids. Now this is only confirmed for the zombies mode, but I would fair to guess it could be the same with the multiplayer side of things too. For the zombies mode, the game will be cross platform, meaning PS4, Xbox and PC players can all fight against the hordes together. Here is where things get big, not only will it be cross platform, it will be cross gen. Yes you read that right, meaning current gen zombie players can play with friends or people online from the next generations of consoles. This is huuuuuuge, and so far the first gaming developer that I know of to announce that feature with the new console launch being just around the corner.




“No matter what you play or how you play, things will level up regardless”

The next thing that was also a nice addition is that there is cross progression and battle pass progression, I’ll explain in a sec. Cross progression mainly refers to weapons and operators, meaning any weapons you use in any mode, will level up and unlock attachments and gear. Battle pass progression is pretty straight forward and just means no matter what mode you prefer to play, it counts towards the battle pass ranking up. So no matter what you play or how you play, things will level up regardless. In a few past COD titles you could only level up weapons or unlock items for that specific mode. So playing zombies only did so for that mode, playing multiplayer only did so for multiplayer. Which separated and bugged some players, people who didn’t like playing one mode, were forced to play the other if they wanted to level or unlock certain things. This removes that problem, allowing players to freely play which mode they want most and still make progressions.




“Free, Free, Free,”

After the huge success of the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare, this next title is following a feature that everyone in the gaming community liked, free post launch content. Gamers are always united when a game first initially launches, but by the 1st update or dlc, players usually get separated. Not everyone buys the updates, and then players get split up into who has certain maps and those who don’t. Call of duty  Black Ops Cold War Zombies has announced that everything will be free post launch, following the steps of the last Call of duty. This is huge for the community because it keeps people and friends especially playing together. I mean who doesn’t like it when new contents are free, free, free.

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