Best 10 Games Where You Play the Bad Guy

Play the Bad Guy Games 6 Silent Hill 2

SPOILER Alert! You don’t actually find out James’ past until the end of the game. You’re invited to Silent Hill by your dead wife, and once you’ve fought your way through the intense madness and met all the crazy people wandering in Silent Hill. You find out you killed your terminally ill wife because she was becoming a burden. Actions like that certainly put James in the bad column. After all you don’t get to Silent Hill by being a truly wonderful person.

Play the Bad Guy Games 7 GTA3

There’s no getting away from this one. GTA3 is all about Crime, and in particular committing large amounts of crimes and getting away with it. Grand theft auto, murder, assault, drugs, everything is fair game as you build your criminal empire. The first of the non-top down view Grand Theft Auto’s but in my opinion it’s still the best. Its sandbox mode is also huge amounts of fun, when you just want to cause some carnage.

Play the Bad Guy Games 8 Fable Series

The Fable series practically embodies good and evil decisions. Sure as the series goes on those decisions have larger implications but they are still basically black and white decisions. Do you kill the mercenary boss or hire him? Do you make the townspeople love you or slaughter them on sight. In Fable you can be a complete bad-ass and take the land of Albion with you.

Play the Bad Guy Games 9 Knight of the Old Republic

At the start of Knights of the Old Republic set several years after the defeat or Darth Revan a seriously evil arsehole responsible for the deaths of many, many people and strong user of the dark force. Well his apprentice, Darth Malik is following on from his master and causing just as much trouble. The game is all about stopping Darth Malik. But wait! Another spoiler alert! When you get to the end, you find out you’re Darth Revan all along, with their memory wiped.

Dungeon Keeper ranks very highly for me as a game anyway, so it’s certainly the best game you get to play the bad guy. In Dungeon Keeper you are the eponymously titled Dungeon Keeper, with a disembodied hand you can use to get your dungeon ready. Build your dungeon, train your creatures and get ready for all those dumb adventurers breaking into your dungeon for loot. Don’t forget about the other Dungeon Keepers, they can be just as dangerous, but take over their lands and the world will be plunged into your darkness.

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