Best 10 Games Where You Play the Bad Guy

Whether you want to say it out loud or not, it’s always more fun to play the bad guy. As is said in many superhero films, the good guys are bound by codes of honor and being generally good to everyone. The bad guys can pretty much do whatever they want, and as such games where you get to play the bad guy tend to be just that little bit more fun.

Out of all the games I’ve played in my lifetime which ones would I recommend? Which games are the most fun to play the bad guy at its evil, black-hearted fullest? These are my top ten, and in reverse order of course. I’ve gotta build that suspense.

Play the Bad Guy Games 1 Rampage

We’ll kick off with a retro-gaming classic. Rampage puts you in charge of one of three classic movie monsters, King Kong, Godzilla and err some giant werewolf guy. Climb up buildings to smash them down and eat the inhabitants. Just watch out for the army trying to end your gigantic monsteresque rampage.

Play the Bad Guy Games 2 Prototype

In Prototype you play as an amnesic shape-shifter called Alex Mercer who’s trying to stop the spread of this weird plague called Blacklight, as well as the ability to change form to that of any individual, he can also turn his limbs into giant weapons, consume individuals and slaughter anyone he comes into contact with. Getting bored of the storyline? Just roam Manhattan and kill everyone then.

Play the Bad Guy Games 3 Overlord

Want to control hordes of goblins and take over enemy kingdoms then Overlord is just what you’re looking for. Although, you have the option of playing the game a little more white-heartedly, it’s far more fun to give in to your corruption and kill, steal and pillage to get your wicket way.

Play the Bad Guy Games Evil Genius

In Evil Genius you don’t just play a bad guy but a James Bond villain, with an evil fortress cut out of the rock. You decide which crime sprees you go on, and when the secret agents come calling, you decide which traps are going to stop them. The only real difficulty with Evil Genius is finding a white cat to stroke as you play.

Play the Bad Guy Games 5 Black & White

A little higher up the ethereal scale, but in Black & White you play a newly awakened god, with a giant animal to call your own. As you rule your town-folk your creature changes accordingly. Sure, you can get your villagers to worship your kindness and generosity, but burning their fields and throwing the villagers into the sea is another way to gain their respect, plus a truly evil cow is a thing to behold.

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Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin

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