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Date: September 13, 2020

The MMO community of gamers that singed up for Amazon Games upcoming MMO New World were able to play the Preview Beta of the game from August 25th to September 4th. Followers of the forthcoming MMO were able to signup for the Preview Alpha and Beta versions of the game back in July, or if you pre-ordered the game before August 25th on Amazon, or bought the game anytime on Steam. The upcoming MMO from Amazon Games was set to release last May before issues emerged for the game to be delayed a few times in the past year. At this time, the game is hoping to release in May of 2021, one year after the initial release date. While Amazon isn’t entirely new into the gaming community, may they be another company trying to start the next big MMO by throwing money at it? The Gnarly Guides team was able to play the upcoming MMOs preview to let the community know if this is the right MMO for you.

New World Beta Preview Bear Fight

Starting off the week of August 25th, users that pre-ordered the game before the date or pre-ordered on Steam were able to play the Preview of the New World MMO. The Preview starts like any other, making your character. With many options, including the facial appearances to skin tone, and of course, what body type/gender you’d like to be during your adventure, New World wants to keep it simple when it comes to getting you right into your survival adventure of the game.

You’ll learn the basics of how to fight, block, and quick dodge away right off the bat after you’re washed up on the New World island. The game will have you start by doing a lot of basic quests; since it was the beginning of the MMO for all, it was fun to see everything starting the same way you were. You’ll be able to give yourself necessary skill point upgrades and loot chests around your quests to upgrade your weapons at the blacksmith camp, and of course, gather some leather and cloth from animals to make yourself warm and looking good.

After learning the basics and starting the adventure at about level six, you’ll be able to start the steady grind of quests to gain your level pretty quickly once you get to know the environment. While there were some lag issues when it came to some battles and getting stuck on some objects along the way, the preview of the New World wasn’t too bad to start, but like any MMO out there, if the combat isn’t perfect, then just having a good looking world won’t make it anything New.

New World Beta Preview Looking over the land

The main point of finding a new MMO such as New World is knowing if it’s the right game for you before you try to start your adventure and quite halfway through grinding for a few days. This upcoming MMO has a lot of things going well for it when it comes to making new groups that will quest together and also battle together, but it also calls for the MMO gamers that like to grind resources and like to have a great view during their adventure in the world. While these features of the game are great, I had a hard time enjoying the preview thoroughly without liking the PVP part of the game. The PVP was laggy, and once you were in the PVP mode to fight others or complete PVP quests, it was easy to run away or try to chase someone that was trying to run away from the fight, which happened most of the time.

But going away from the primary story mode of the game where players could pick if they want to PVP or PVE through the world, the game also has it’s 50 vs. 50 siege mode that brings a lot of the everyday MMO gamers that like to fight together in a big arena to try to take the castle. While it may have just been the player load of the Beta preview of the game but it still had a lot of desync of the server once everything was unfolding during the siege. But in the end, the New World MMO has a lot going for it when it comes to the look and sound of the game to place the gamer in their character’s shoes to feel the full RPG experience, but it needs a lot of work when it comes to the combat system and making the story mode more diverse for each new quest.

New World Beta Preview Archers

Looking ahead on what Amazon Games is hoping to-do with New World before next year will include bug fixing and optimization of their servers to bring a smooth MMO experience to the game, especially during the 50 vs. 50 siege matches. That said, the team at Gnarly Guides has pushed over our cons of the game when it comes to the combat system and some of the essential grindy points to hopefully make the game a great MMO once it’s fully released.

At this time, New World, in its current stage without looking at the bugs, would be a great started MMO for a gamer that is trying to get into the genre. It’s not too hard to get into, and the quests have enough there that you won’t get bored too fast, but you will find the bottom of the bowl quickly if you play for about a week or two, and then you’ll have the experience to check out a longer-lasting MMO. But knowing the changes that happened from the Alpha to the Beta Preview, the New World followers have a little hope when it comes to some of the changes we’re hoping to see. Still, when it comes to redoing their quest and combat system before next Spring, that is something we’ll need to get updates on before then.

New World Beta Preview Taking Over The King

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