7 Horror Games That Definitely Gave Us Nightmares

There have been a number of creepy, terrifying and down right horrific horror games over the years. From spooky ghost girls to monsters lurking in the night, there has been a plethora of horror to go around. But, out of the ones that are currently out there, I think there are several which deserve special recognition. Those games that really made us sweat and scream and cry. So, here are 7 horror games that seriously gave us nightmares.

*Beware there are spoilers ahead!*

Amnesia was a game like no other for its time. Forcing you into a spooky mansion with no memory of why you are there, this one was certain to be a terrifying game. You played as the unsuspecting Daniel who is trying to piece together his memory to figure out how to stop the evil Alexander before he destroys the world. Probably. But, this game is no short on scares. The mansion itself is very creepy, with terribly lit rooms and disturbing art work around many corners.

horror amnesia runt
He’s coming to get you

To add to this, there are also monsters chasing you every five seconds which you cannot fight, so you simply have to run and hide. Furthermore, you had a sort of sanity metre which, if it got to low, could make you go mad and eventually kill you. This was a horror game like no other and, by the end of it, I wished I could forget the whole experience…pun intended.

It may not be the best acronym in the world, it certainly gets its point across. First Encounter Assault Recon, or F.E.A.R for short, promised to be a nice simple FPS. But, from the moment you step into the game you are thrown into crazy town with Alma and Paxton Fettel. Both want you dead. Where Paxton tries to kill you with a psychically controlled army, Alma simply wants to give you a heart-attack by doing creepy ghost girl things every so often.

fear alma horror
Of course, there’s always a creepy little girl (Image from GameLuster)

You are part of a Recon team sent in to stop Fettel when of course it all goes to hell in a hand basket. What time you don’t spend fighting off mind-controlled clones, you are busy shooting at shadows, lights and ladders. If this game taught me one thing, it’s that ladders are not your friends.

Ever wanted nightmare inducing horror that likes of which you have never seen before? Well, step into the world of P.T. The never ending corridor of terror. Praised for its ingenuity, many were surprised by just how terrifying walking around the same corridor could be. Especially when said corridor is also being haunted by a dead woman who will break your neck soon as look at you. Her unbearable cries will follow you around whilst you try to puzzle your way out of the endless nightmare. This one certainly had me jumpier than Mario on mushrooms.

PT horror
Hi Lisa, please don’t kill me (Image from kotaku)

I have praised this game in the past and I’m about to do it again here. The Alien franchise has done well for itself over the years, giving us a range of films and games of varying quality. But, one thing everyone can agree on: xenomorphs are ******* terrifying. Forget ghosts and zombies. This one alien will have you quivering in your spacesuit before you can say Jonesy (cheeky reference). This game works because it plays on that fear everyone has.

horror alien isolation
Nice Xenomorph, go play with the creepy android now, okay?

It took me forever to finish simply because I wanted to hide in every single cupboard and locker I could find. When you aren’t being chased by the alien it still isn’t a walk in the park. Instead, you are being hunted down by creepy killer androids. That’s enough to give anyone nightmares.

Another classic in the horror genre Resident Evil is a franchise that knows its stuff. Although it may look dated now, when this bad boy first came out everyone was ducking behind the sofa. Playing as a member of S.T.A.R.S (another weird acronym, lets not get into that) you end up stranded in a creepy old mansion that has so many puzzles you’ll wonder how anyone could manage to live day to day let alone get out. This is where you are set upon by a plethora of zombie-like creatures all trying to kill you. If that isn’t enough to give you nightmares, then the jump scare with the dogs definitely will. That will certainly make you fear windows for the rest of your life.

resident evil horror
Screw you dogs! I will never trust windows again

If you wanted to wander a spooky looking insane asylum just for fun then look no further. Outlast is definitely the game for you. But, before you go running off inside there are a few things you need to know. Playing as a journalist, you are completely unarmed except for your trusty camera. You must find your way inside and find out the terrible goings on. But, of course it isn’t that simple. You’ll soon find yourself in a relentless nightmare of tortured inmates and inmates that like torture. And, let us not forget the random jump scares when you open doors, or walk around a corner or blink.

outlast horror game
Oh hey, could you please go away now? I was trying to hide under here.

Outlast is beyond terrifying and will make you question every step you take. If you manage to make it out the other side, you probably won’t be sleeping for weeks. Especially once you’ve seen the naked twins…I think I need mind bleach for that one.

Say what you will about the franchise but many of you cannot deny the first game was scary. Yet another example of a unique concept for its time, FNAF gave you horror like no other. Especially for anyone who hates animatronics, like me. When the animatronics in what seems like a harmless pizzeria turn evil and come to life, that’s where I draw the line. The horror mostly came from the fact that you are forced into a single room with no means of escape. You have to stay there until the night is over. It may not feel the same now, but this is one game that certainly had me cowering in the corner afterwards.

 five nights at freddy's horror game
If this doesn’t give you nightmares I don’t know what will (Image from the FNAF wiki)
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