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Game: Far Cry 6
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: May 19, 2021

Do you remember back to those days of yore just before and in the first months of the global pandemic, when Ubisoft announced Far Cry 6?

They announced the game because of a leak a few days before and released a breathtaking cinematic about the game’s villain and his son, Diego. Then time passed as it does and nothing new came.

They released the game’s opening cutscene, a Netflix Daredevil or Game of Thrones style montage through the isle of Yara’s history. But there was no gameplay trailer. None. Then something strange happened, just recently.

They announced that Far Cry 6 would come out before September. At any point. Tomorrow, August 31st. Heck, it could have even already come out! But there was still no gameplay trailer. Some screenshots, but no trailer.

far cry rite of passage issue 1 cover

I should probably mention that this comic is mostly about Vaas.

Something strange happened again today. Ubisoft announced the release of the first issue of a comic book, published by Dark Horse, about dictator Anton Castillo and his son. Isn’t it interest that almost everything we know about this game is those two characters?

We’ve heard a bit about the playable character. We’ve heard less about the game. We’ve seen nothing about the game. For all we know Far Cry 6 could turn out to not be a game. Maybe it will be a Hollywood movie sold for $60 in Blu-Ray case or via Steam.

For all we’ve seen there could be no running, driving, shooting, or anything else that would be fun in a video game. Just a biopic about a fantasy version of Fidel Castro and his son set in modern times.

Or, perhaps, as Ubisoft once briefly said, Far Cry 6 will be a game with all of those features. They are just afraid of showing it because they know people will hate it and they will lose hype. They went deep into the rabbit hole of celebrity actors and didn’t put any focus on the game-just like another major release this year.

There could be other reasons Ubisoft has so far refused to give even a glimmer of hint of second of moving footage about Far Cry 6. It could be that Far Cry 6 will be amazing and I will look extremely foolish. It would be good to know that for sure, however, and a gameplay trailer would help a lot.

Some of the only proof that Far Cry 6 exists and is a game.

Regardless, people are psyched for Far Cry 6. Ubisoft has done their best to play up their story, and the story looks like it will be really cool. So in the grand tradition of amazing games like Fallout: New Vegas they released a promotional tie-in comic book about the game’s backstory.

And it’s probably pretty good! Especially if you want to know if Vaas Montenegro is Anton, or Diego, or someone close to them. You can find Far Cry: Rite of Passage at your local comic shop or order it directly from Dark Horse Comics.

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