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Top 5 Zombie Nintendo DS Games

It isn’t a secret that zombie games are addictive. The’re a unique combination of quests, survival, and horror all incorporated into one development. Nintendo DS is a popular platform for games of this kind thanks to the two displays, the…

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ICEY 2d Scroller Nintendo Switch Review

When 2D side-scrolling action game Icey was originally released in 2016 it was met with praise not only for its strong combat system, but more importantly for its meta-commentary of the gaming industry that comes in the form of a…

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ICEY Ascends Japanese Switch Games chart

After a few weeks of being on the Nintendo Switch, X.D. Network Inc. announced that their platformer ICEY reached the top of the Japanese Switch games sales chart. Brandy Wu, Director of business, development and indie game publishing for X.D.…

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A Robot Named Fight Retro-Styled Adventure Review

Challenging, addicting and nostalgic, A Robot Named Fight reminds one of the glory days of the hand-held game systems like the Gameboy and the hand-held Sega. When some of the best games to come out were basic side-scrolling adventure games…

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ECHOPLEX Platform – Puzzle Game Review

Echoplex is a challenging and thoughtful firstperson puzzle/platformer that was released as a completed game in March of this year. It won “most innovative” and “Best Art Direction” on its early release last year at Indiedome in Europe. Echoplex features…

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EGX REZZED London 2018 Walkthrough

8.30 AM, Saturday April 14th. An absolutely glorious morning in London as I join the queue outside Tobacco Dock for EGX REZZED. The smaller sibling of the main EGX gaming trade show has hit London for the weekend and I’m…