The Forgotten City

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The Forgotten City Review – Roman Through Time

Let’s be honest — the bar for writing in video games is low. Like, really low. While narrative focused titles certainly try harder than Mortal Kombat does, most games not named Disco Elysium just don’t have good writing. Voice acting…

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Part 4: Democracy In Action, The Egyptian Plaque

Start tracking “Democracy in Action”, then use the objective marker to head back to Malleolus’s house. Use your key to unlock the door and enter, then go speak with Malleolus. Ask him “So, you’re Quinctius?” He’ll deny it, say whatever…

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Part 2: The Golden Bow and the Palace

If you’ve been following our walkthrough from the beginning, you should just be leaving Malleolus’s house. From Malleolus’s house, head straight and up the long staircase to enter the market. Continue through the market until you reach the last stall,…

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Part 1: Welcome to The Forgotten City

You’ll wake up by a river at night, and have a conversation with a mysterious stranger. You’ll be asked to choose a gender (this doesn’t matter at all for our purposes) and then a profession. This can make a fair…

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The Forgotten City Walkthrough

Welcome to our walkthrough for the mystery adventure game The Forgotten City! This guide will lead you to the “best” ending (of 4), and therefore we encourage you to go ahead and try to complete the game at least once…