Sim Brother Experiment: The House

Below are the screenshots of the Sim Brother house in all its glory. I hope I haven’t left anything out. Once I start the experiment, there’s not much I can do.


The Interior of the house was designed with only two main concepts. Firstly, that the individual bedrooms needed to be confining and small, with little furniture in there to encourage Sims to move around the other areas of the house. Secondly, the remaining rooms needed to be large, and in many cases open-plan to cater for more people and more objects and less chance for congestion.

Other than that, there were very few other thoughts when I designed it. I made sure there were multiple bathrooms and toilets because I didn’t want Sims to have to waste time queuing for those. As for a colour scheme, I really just went with stuff I liked.

Each of the eight individual bedrooms are decorated according to the favourite colours of the Sims. It was at this point that I noticed that I incorrectly gave black as a favourite colour to two Sims, when one was supposed to be purple. That’s why there are two black rooms. I didn’t really spend too long editing the colours except for the individual bedrooms, as there were enough patterns already.

Individual Room

The lone Sim’s Bedroom

The Woohoo Room

The not so ‘lone’ Sims bedroom

The Creative Room

For when the Sims just gotta express themselves

The Music Room

Thrash or Classical, its all possible here


Something yummy this way comes


When you just feel like letting go

Lounge / Leisure Room

For all your gamma radiated needs


When designing the exterior of the house there is far less emphasis on practicality and more emphasis on aesthetics. Once the few practical items had been built or placed, such as the swimming pool, outside bathrooms and exercise bay, the rest was free to just be landscaped with little other reason except to look pretty.

I added a natural garden with a pond as well, just on the off-chance that a Sim not only learned to fish, but autonomously left the lot to go fishing, caught more than 10 of one type of fish and then re-stocked the pond”¦. I know not a lot of chance, but it looked nice as well.

After landscaping the gardens and flower beds, everything was ready, as you can see.

Exercise Bay

To work off those extra pounds

Natural Garden

The Beauty of Nature?

Flower garden

Ah, the real beauty of nature

Swimming Pool

Every mansion must have one

If you want to read more about the experiment, either click on the tab at the top of the page, or click here.

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