Sim Brother Experiment: The House Guests

My Sim Brother Experiment involves these eight lucky (or unlucky) Sims.

Age: Unknown, but inheriting the body of a 23 yr old

Profession: being of pure light

Quote: “Happiness be with you, my name is Diana and I’m the emissary of light on your plane. I bring peace and happiness. May everyone shelter within my heart and may their lives be peaceful and carefree.

I do not know why I am here in this house. I only know that there are so many broken people here, and I must try to save their souls and cleanse their lives.”

Traits: Friendly, Good, Hopeless Romantic, Vegetarian, Lucky

Age: Immortal, but using a 46 yr old man for cover

Profession: The Prince of Darkness

Quote: “Well hello, I love the smell of broken souls in the morning. This is going to be so much fun, so many vain, and unhappy people. This house, is one giant melting pot of misery and happiness, and it would be terrible if anything, or anyone, made it worse.

Whatever or whoever brought me here, I owe them a big favour. This is going to be so much fun.”

Traits: Evil, Kleptomaniac, Mean Spirited, Dislikes Children, Can’t Stand Art

Age: 17

Profession: Student / Cheerleader

Quote: “Woohoo! Hey everybody. I am so psyched to be here. My names Chase, and this is gonna be soooo cool. They chose me to be in here, probably because I am sooooo Awesome!!! My friends are gonna be so jealous”¦ Give me a C, Give me an H, Give me an A, S, E”¦. Chaaaaaaase”¦ for the win”¦. Woohoo!!!”

Traits: Neurotic, Party Animal, Schmoozer, Charismatic, Snob

Age: 19

Profession: Student

Quote: “Hey, I guess, my parents did this to me. Throwing me in with other people, trying to turn me into one of them. Well, I’m not. I just wanna be on my own, inside, dealing with my hurt and my pain. They don’t understand me, nobody does. I have my music. My music understands me, and with my music I don’t need nothing else.”

Traits: Artistic, Loner, No Sense of Humour, Emotional, Hates the Outdoors

Age: 27

Profession: Librarian

Quote: “Hello, erm, my names Margaret and I’m the err”¦local librarian. I don’t know why they’ve put me in here. Maybe it’s some-kind of”¦ erm”¦ science experiment, I’ve read about those online. I’m trapped in a house with four strange men., oh dear what if they”¦. talk to me? No, it will be fine. If I have my books, I can deal with anything. Maybe!”

If not..? Well, I’m a clever woman, I’ll work something out. Maybe some kind of force-field or matter transporter”¦ no, that’s just silly. I’ll never get the Polonium to make the Fructal Colonicator work for that”¦”

Traits: Bookworm, Perfectionist, Genius, Unflirty, Computer Whizz.

Age: 28

Profession: Extreme Sportsman

“Whoa! Hey! Why have I been chosen? Dude, I have no idea. It’s probably cos I’m the only guy here who can bench-press 200kgs, or run in and out of a burning building. What?! What do mean ‘that’s not much’? 200kgs is a lot! Have you ever tried bench pressing 200kgs, It’d cripple you. Come on”¦ you, me, Arm-Wrestle!!!

Sorry for going off at you like that, I just hate it when people doubt me. I’m sooo gonna win this, whatever ‘this’ is.”

Traits: Athletic, Brave, Hotheaded, Daredevil, Exciteable

Age: 43

Profession: Housewife / Mother

Quote: “Hello, I’m Barbara, and I’m a housewife, or as I like to remind my husband, I’m the person in the house who works the longer hours for no pay. We like to have a laugh, myself and Harry”¦. I love cooking, in fact that’s probably where my waistline went. Ha ha ha, and I take great pride in my house. A place for everything and everything in it’s place, it’s what my dear old mother was always telling me.

What ever reason that I have been put here, it can’t be any worse than getting 3 kids and my husband out of the house every morning.

Goodbye, and it’s very nice to have met you.”

Traits: Natural Cook, Family Orientated, Green Fingers, Frugal, Neat

Age: 35

Profession: Unemployed

Quote: “Hmph, I see! You make a few threats to a pizza delivery guy and you end up thrown in a random house with seven weirdos. Anyway, he started it, my food was five minutes late and he still expected me to pay for it. Of course, I wouldn’t be in this mess if my good-for-nothing wife hadn’t of ran off with the kids and left me to fend for myself, just because I didn’t want to get a job.

I mean, there’s enough people out there working, Why can’t I just get what I want from them?

Has anyone ever told you, your ears are too big for your head? You look ridiculous!”

Traits: Inappropriate, Slob, Grumpy, Moocher, Coach Potato


If you want to read more about the experiment, either click on the tab at the top of the page, or click here.

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Jim Franklin

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