Star Rupture’s DevLog #2 Expands on Base Building

Creepy Jar’s new upcoming sci-fi survival game just released their second DevLog. You might have heard of this studio from their last hit game, Green Hell — a realistic survival game in the Amazonian rainforest. If you didn’t catch their last update (DevLog #1) three months prior, it went over the main premise of the game as a kind of introduction. We recommend that you watch it yourself, but here are the broad strokes:

  • Set on a planet with an unstable sun named Rupture.
  • Base-building and exploration are important gameplay elements.
  • Player will be turning on (ancient?) engines to help the planet, while fighting local fauna and (alien?) monsters.

Players take on the role of a convicted exile from Earth, sent to this sort-of penal mining colony to extract resources. If the game starts with “Hey, you. You’re finally awake.” We’ll give Creepy Jar extra points. Okay, enough context about the game, let’s actually talk about this DevLog and what it reveals!

Base Building Details

Right out the gate, we’re informed in the video that base building is a core pillar of the game. It’s not like Starfield, where building a space base was essentially optional. No, you won’t be able to survive the hostile conditions of the planet without building and managing a base. Planetary cataclysms will intermittently devastate areas, creating a cycle of death and rebirth. You’ll have to use the base to weather these disasters.

star rupture devlog 2 disasters
Gameplay will revolve around surviving and adapting to natural disasters

Another critical role the base plays for you is it’s the only method of collecting resources in order to build tools that will allow for longer exploration. Sometimes, it’s the other way around in games. You explore to find tools that will better help you build or gain advantages. We’re sure there will still be some of that, like exploring to find blueprints — otherwise there aren’t incentives for leaving the base — but the devs make it sound like they’re balancing this to place a bigger emphasis on base building.

A hallmark of many crafting games, the building tool, is also present. It’s the first thing player’s will acquire, and from the looks of the DevLog, it allows you to build all the structures in a base. Here are some characteristics of the base shown in the video:

  • The base is built on a powered base that feeds energy to the buildings.
  • Buildings have moving components to inform the player if they’re turned on from any angle.
  • There are powered walkways that you’ll use to expand the base to other areas.
  • Drone networks are how the player will manage the distribution of resources collected.
star rupture devlog 2 building tool
The building tool was inspired by ISS and NASA’s 3D printing research in space

One quote from the video that we’re happy to hear is, “We wanted the base-building to be quick and satisfying.” Some of these types of games can make building a tedious time-sink. From what we’ve seen in this video, it looks like there will be complexities and nuances for optimizing a base, but that the actual process for placing structures and organizing drones is streamlined.

Overall, this update has piqued our interest in Star Rupture. They noted at the end of the video that the next DevLog will be about exploration, and what mysteries will await us on this unforgiving planet. We just hope we won’t have to wait three months for the next DevLog!

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