Spycursion – Cybersecurity MMO Kickstarter Revealed

(Defun Games()) have announced that they’re currently working on a sandbox ‘edutainment’ MMO, all centered around espionage, hacking and cybersecurity, to be released on Windows, MAC and Linux. They’re getting ready to launch their Kickstarter campaign at the end of February.


Spycursion takes place in a near-future earth where cyberwarfare has been allowed to run rampant. If you’re going to survive in this new technically savvy world, you’ll need to use strategy and cunning, not to mention subterfuge and technical craft in order to stay one step ahead, and hopefully making a few quid as you go.

Spycursion - Cybersecurity MMO Screenshot

Spycursion Features

  • Sandbox MMO gameplay allows you to play as you’d like and be who you’d like.  You get to choose who you deceive.
  • Explore both a futuristic urban environment and a dynamic in-game internet
  • Beef up your own programming and cybersecurity knowledge by way of the in-game programming language, ‘Slang’. If you’re already up to scratch then play in a sandbox that rewards you for your knowledge.
  • Explore all forms of identity theft, including online hacking, dumpster diving, eavesdropping  or shoulder surfing a password.
  • The dynamic in-game economy obeys the laws of Supply and Demand
  • An open-source client and native Linux support show appreciation for the FOSS community, both in and out of character.
Spycursion - Cybersecurity MMO Screenshot

It’s certainly an interesting concept, and we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears out for this one over the oncoming months.

If you’re interested in Spycursion you can find more information on the official website here. The kickstarter campaign is due to begin on Feb 26th, more information on that when we have it.

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