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Date: March 19, 2020

I’ve played my fair share my RPGs but Snack World has given me the most fun I’ve had in years. Many years. Snack World a multimedia franchise created by Level 5, following Inazuma Eleven, Little Battle eXperience,  Professor Layton, and Yo-Kai Watch. The franchise is a “hyper casual fantasy” that is set in Snack World, a traditional fantasy world combined with convenience stores, smartphones, and other elements of the modern world. Snack World ranges from Anime, Manga, Video Games and of course merchandise. 

Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl - Gold

It was released for the Nintendo Switch in Japan on November 20, 2019, and outside of Japan as Snack World : The Dungeon Crawl Goldon February 14, 2020. I have been playing Snack World for days and that’s what I do most of the day wherever I go, I just cant put this thing down. The humour in this game is the best thing about it to me and gives me chuckles every time I talk with an NPC. The humour is honestly on a level I’ve never seen before and it works. Add in brilliant RPG mechanics and loads of dungeons with a splash of attractive cool looking gear that you get from very creative bosses and you have yourself an RPG that feels fresh even though its following the basic layout of other RPGs.

Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl - Gold Combat

Running dungeouns again and again has never felt repetitive thanks to the vast number of enemy designs and of course the hunger to get new loot and of course the various raw materials needed make armour, clothing and weapons. Theres just something about this game that just clicks, the characters are likable instantly, you start charing about Chup and the gang and lots of the other side characters very early on in the game, heck even the bosses warm upto you because every character has a seperate identity and they are amazing. Iv’e played lots of RPGs before but Snack World has to be the best.


One of the most important aspects of the game is that the grind never feels like it’s usless and every run counts because you’re either gathering recourses or grinding for that next peice of gear or weapon not to mention everything you equip are clearly shown on screen which motivates you to get cooler weapons so you cans how em off on online multiplayer. Multiplayer in this game is flawless as well and is a whole bunch of fun, nothing like a geoup of buddies in cool armour using cool weapons to fight cooler bosses.

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Snck World is an RPG that every RPG lover must play because it is as close to perfection as an RPG can get. It is brilliant. Snack World has reminded me that games are mainly made for fun, yes you can challange yourself or try to beat that boss wearing no armour but having fun is your top priority and no matter what youre hunting down in Snack WORLD, It does that in spades.

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