Sim Brother Experiment Day 12: Slap Happy

Day 13 of the Sim Brother Experiment is here. On today’s episode Lucifer slaps two members of the household, Chet gets hot and sweaty and three girls have fun on the couch. Read on to find out more, and gauge just how much of a dirty mind you have by your own level of disappointment.

sim brother diane barbara margaret couch settee sofa TVAs the early morning began Diane, Barbara and Margaret chatted on and on about everything and nothing. Eddie tried his best to ignore them and watch TV but in the end he cut his losses and went to bed.  Barbara left Margaret and Diane talking on the sofa when she went to bed. One by one the last house guest grew tired and went to bed, leaving Diane still wide-awake and watching television.

Obsidian and Chase’s 06:15 alarms blared out. Obsidian found the cold hotdogs on the kitchen counter, which gave him all the energy he needed to paint.  Chase broke into Margaret’s room so she could check herself out in front of the mirror. Diane was now very tired so she crawled off to bed, feeling happy.

Chet and Barbara were the next people to wake, just in time for the school bus horn to signal to Chase and Obsidian that it was time for school. Once Barbara had breakfast she set about her daily chores. She made the beds, tidied the kitchen, and cleaned the bathrooms. Chet on the other hand just wanted to play darts in his pants.

hit fight sim brother punchLucifer woke next, feeling irritated and not mischievous. He heard Eddie getting ready, and without any provocation he barged into his room and slapped him. Eddie tried to fight back and insult Lucifer’s family but Lucifer just snarled and went to watch some TV.

sim brother weight training weightsWhen Chet got bored with pants-darts he took a walk to the workout area outside and started his training, being back on the machines felt good.

As Barbara finished tidying yet another bedroom, her phone rang. When she answered it, she heard a familiar voice. It was the same phone pest from yesterday. Why did he keep ringing her?

Diane was the last to wake as you would imagine, but she didn’t want to do much. Shed enjoyed just watching TV and chatting so much that she thought she’d do it again, although her girlfriends were doing other things. Margaret was playing chess, and Barbara was still tidying the house. It was like the rooms were messing themselves up.

This is how the house was for the next few hours; Chet worked out, Barbara cleaned, Diane watched TV, Eddie played Foosball, Margaret played chess, and Lucifer just seemed to be keeping out of everyone’s way.

It wasn’t until Chase and Obsidian returned home from school

sim brother fight hit punch

that the house had energy again. The first thing Obsidian did when he got home was play foosball with Eddie. Eddie was still upset from being slapped by Satan, and he enjoyed the company. Chase had a much worse coming home experience. She hadn’t had time for a shower before school, so she rushed to sim brother stares window outsidethe bathroom to take a bath. Unfortunately Lucifer had been waiting for her and he pounced on her and slapped her; his second victim of the day. Bizarrely, Chase’s response to this vicious attack was to apologise to Lucifer. This confused Lucifer as well, so much so that he lost all ability to attack her and just walked off and played Foosball. Chase finally got her shower, and afterwards she took her homework to the kitchen.

With a bit of coaxing from Diane, Barbara was finally convinced to stop cleaning and to join her on the coach and watch some TV.  It wasn’t the same though, it wasn’t the same as last night and soon Diane got bored and got up. Luckily Eddie saw Barbara’s confused look and sat next to her on the couch and watched TV with her.

Obsidian glanced at his unfinished homework, but just threw it to one side. He had painting to do.  With everyone doing their own thing the house became calm again. Chase finished her homework. It never takes her very long any more, but not knowing what she wanted to do next she just stared out of the window. Then she realised, that asim brother paint art picturell she wants to do is dance.

After a full day of weight training Chet finally stopped exercising, and grabbed a shower. He passed Lucifer on his way to the hot tub. They glared briefly at each but they didn’t say a word. They’re not going to fight today. Barbara bumped into Chet as he walked back into the house. They talked about TV programmes and movies and then they went their separate ways.

sim brother relaxing hot tub hottubAs the evening drew in Obsidian finished his painting of butterflies, which turned out to be a painting he was particularly proud of. The calm and simple day continued with a pleasant evening in which every house guest was amusing themselves and nobody was getting angry or irritated. Chet was playing video games, and Eddie was quite happy just watching him play. Chase was dancing the night away in front of the stereo, Lucifer was chilling in the hot tub, and Diane was playing darts.

At 22:00 the house-guests started to go to bed, by midnight the only person left awake was Lucifer. He was still relaxing in the hot tub, with a relaxed grin on his face.


Post Day Analysis

Well, Day 12 was pretty dull as far as days go. Sure, Lucifer got a bit slap happy a couple of times but apart from that the guests just kept to themselves. Very few of the guests even spoke to each other to say hello let alone kiss or fight anything even remotely interesting.

Saying that though. It was a good day for skill ups. Lucifer, Chet, Obsidian and Margaret all managed to make something of themselves today. So what we lost in excitement we gained in productivity.

Productivity doesn’t make for good reading though, so let’s hope for more fun on Day 13.


  • Chet – Athletic (Level 6)
  • Margaret – Chess (Level 5)
  • Lucifer – Cooking (Level 1)
  • Obsidian – Painting (Level 7)


Sim Brother

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