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It’s Day 11 in the Sim Brother house and in today’s episode the house guests are plagued by nuisance phone-calls. Two house guests get caught naked but which ones? and will Chet and Lucifer finally just fight it out?

Read on to find out more.

Sim BrotherThe clock struck midnight and once again the house guests stopped what they were doing, and stood there for a few seconds. Most of the house went back to bed except for Diane who watched some early morning TV, and Obsidian who went to get some waffles. Even Lucifer stopped his midnight fountain swim and went to bed. By 01:15 Diane was the only person awake in the house, but she soon tired and went to bed at a little after 03:00.

The house was quiet and uneventful as the guests slept, until one by one each of the house guests awoke and headed to the kitchen for breakfast, or visited the bathroom.

Sim Brother ExperimentBarbara tidied the house, as she did every morning. She didn’t mind though, well not much. She was starting to feel as if this house was her own and her sense of house-pride grew each day. Unfortunately, her mind was somewhere else entirely when she barged into the bathroom to clean, and walked in on Obsidian taking a shower. They were both more than a little embarrassed; Barbara apologised and left the bathroom, affording herself an embarrassed chuckle. Although Obsidian couldn’t laugh it off as easily.

Chet hadn’t changed out of his towel since his clothes were stolen the day before; he strutted about the house, played foosball and even went to bed wearing the towel. He was just too proud to admit someone had stolen his clothes.

The bus bell honked. Chase and Obsidian dropped what they were doing and ran for the bus, saying goodbye to Eddie, who was watching the first of many TV shows in the living room.

Margaret was finishing her practice game of chess when Barbara walked past. They started talking about books and then computers and then about anything they could think of. By the time they had stopped talking they were becoming friends.

Sim BrotherFriendly conversation was not something Lucifer wanted to indulge in. Storming over to Eddie, he starts a pointless argument with him, and Eddie threw back some hurtful comments about Lucifer’s family.  The exchange ended by Lucifer insulting Eddie. Lucifer was happy with how that went, he was getting so much better at irritating people it didn’t take nearly as much time now. Eddie skulked away to comfort eat from an old plate, while Lucifer sought his next target. Chet was still playing foosball. Lucifer sneaked up behind him and scared him enough to make him go to the living room to work-out in front of the stereo to calm down.

Sim BrotherEddie received a phone call. We don’t know who from or what they wanted but he didn’t seem happy. Diane saw him take the call, as she passed on her way to the kitchen to get some breakfast but Eddie hid the phone and denied he even had one, before going back to his video games.

Now quite sweaty from the workout, Chet went to get a shower. He walked past Barbara, Margaret and Eddie who were playing video game together in the living room. When Chet re-emerged from the bathroom, he saw Lucifer. In retrospect showing Lucifer how he eats soil was probably not the best move. Lucifer mocked Chet’s looks, causing Chet to yell back at him. The argument finished when Chet stomped off to play with the fire.

Sim Brother ExperimentSim BrotherLucifer walked into the bathroom to take a shower, and was faced with the naked body of Diane as she got out of the bath. Diane blushed and rushed out of the room. Barbara had just stopped playing video games so Diane picked up the controller and played to take her mind off the embarrassment. As Lucifer watcher her run off with a mischievous smile on his lips, his phone rang. He answered it, and he heard something he didn’t like. Something he really didn’t like, and Barbara just happened to be in his way. He yelled at her, and even after Barbara insulted him back (which isn’t like her at all) he continued to argue with her, she held her own though; Barbara was a formidable woman after all.

The school-bus horn sounded and Chase and Obsidian walked through the front door. Chase, as you’d expect went to complete her homework in the kitchen. Obsidian went to the creative room; he had a painting to finish. Within half an hour or so, the final touches had been added, the painting had been hung on the wall and Obsidian played foosball by himself to relax.

Sim BrotherLucifer watched as Obsidian put his new painting up, an irritation about art flared up in him… and then Chet walked past him. Chet got both barrels of Lucifer’s annoyance about Art, and he was not in the mood. Chet yelled at Lucifer, and told him to shut up. Lucifer yelled back and then called Chet a muscle-head. Chet wasn’t going to stand for that and argued that he was smart and fit. Lucifer yelled back at Chet in response. Chet was too irritated and needed to relax, he walked into the hot-tub this time with his trunks on. He wasn’t going to risk it naked again. Lucifer got a drive-by scare on Diane as she walked to the bathroom.

By 20:00 Chase had finished her homework, and rewarded herself by dancing the rest of the next away. Obsidian hadn’t even touched his homework yet but he figured as he was reading a book it still counted in some way.

Sim BrotherLucifer and Barbara played darts together. Barbara took it as a sign that their previous argument had been forgotten, but of course Lucifer knew it meant no such thing. Margaret had been quiet for most of the day, keeping herself to herself but she had watched Lucifer and everything he had done, and she wasn’t going to let him get away with it anymore. She marched out of the bathroom and told Lucifer how mean she thought he was, he agreed with her and told her his mastermind plan. Shocked that he didn’t seem to care, Margaret called him mean again which got nothing but an argument back. Frustrated at his lack of response, she joined Diane and Eddie on the living room sofa, while Lucifer played the Darwin’s Revenge arcade game.

Obsidian put his book down as a pang of guilt crossed his mind. Maybe he should have a look at that homework.

Sim BrotherBarbara was the third person to receive a mysterious phone call this evening, she smiled through it but even Eddie could see she didn’t like it. Barbara rushed to the kitchen to get some food and distract herself. Chase was already there making a complete mess of her meal but at least she’s learning, and Chet didn’t seem to mind.

Obsidian was the first to go to bed at 22:16, after finishing his homework. Eddie followed not long afterwards. Chet finished his burnt Mac ‘n’ Cheese and went to bed at 23:08. When midnight struck, Barbara was playing video games, while Eddie, Diane and Margaret happily just watched her. Lucifer was still playing Darwin’s Revenge; he deserved some time to himself, and after all he’d had a very busy day.

Post Day Analysis

I can tell we’re close to our first real fight in the Sim brother house. I was sure it was going to happen, Chet and Lucifer can scarcely be in the same room and their relationship bars couldn’t get any redder, but they only show as disliking each other.

As far as friendly relationships go, they’re really not shifting very fast in the direction at all. Eddie is the only one who seems to make friends with people, and that’s because he just sits on the couch and talks to anyone who plays video games or watches TV. I’m looking forward to the day the TV breaks, what would Eddie do then? Freak out probably.

I know now that Sims will not drown in pools without ladders. Mixed feelings on this one, losing Lucifer would throw the dynamic of the house way off, but I think it would have been kind of cool having Lucifer as a ghost wandering round scaring people.

…and just what is all that phone call stuff? I know that sometimes it’s to offer a Sim a challenge but more often than not Sims will just get rang up, they’ll look annoyed and then hang up. If anyone knows what they are please let me know.


  • Chase – Cooking (Level 1)


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