Sim Brother Experiment Day 6: Water Everywhere

Chet and Margaret were not awake for long. By 00:15 everyone was tucked up in bed sound asleep, dreaming their dreamy dreams.

Chet Tackles the Burglar

The front door creaked open and a burglar complete with striped jumper, crept her way through the front door and approached the TV on the wall. Eddie, as ever like a coiled spring, leapt into action and accosted the burglar. Chet leapt on her swinging his fists and once the dust had settled, the burglar was sat on the floor nursing her bruises. With nothing else to do except cut her losses, she ran from the house empty-handed. I’m sure Eddie would be pleased that the TV is safe. Chet returned to bed and slept, feeling very pleased with himself. There’s no alarm in the house, so no-one had woken. His heroic acts would have to stay his secret at least for now. Soon everyone in the household was sleeping again, with the low snores of the house-guests being the only sound.

Two hours later and Chase woke up. She gave herself a quick glance in the mirror, and then she was ready for some more dancing. Without considering the time, she put the stereo on and danced her heart out. Luckily, the only person who seemed to be woken by the noise was Diane, but she’s far too good to say anything about it, so she just went to watch some TV, leaving Chase dancing away.

Obsidian and Lucifer were the next people to wake up. Lucifer, not put off by the cold Mac ‘n’ Cheese that had been out all night, took a bowl. Obsidian picked up his palette and continued his painting from earlier on in the week.

Half an hour later, and Eddie and Barbara woke. Eddie got up, and after going to the toilet resumed his TV watching position next to Diane. Barbara, bustling with her tidy vibe, turned off her bedroom light and then scurried around making all the beds, stopping to ask Obsidian to give her a hand, by taking out the trash.

"Oi! Stop Pointing at it!"

Lucifer’s first verbal attack of the day began by intercepting Eddie in the flower garden, as he made one of his rare trips away from the TV, Lucifer criticised Eddie’s family. Eddie argued back, but Lucifer who was already in full swing mocking Eddie’s grumpiness, didn’t notice. Eddie slumped back in front of the TV wondering why bad things always happened to him, while Lucifer stalked his next victim.

Chase, dancing away merrily was Lucifer’s obvious second target. He stood next to her just waiting for his chance to strike, while Chase danced completely oblivious to him.

Margaret woke next, sitting next to Diane and starting a new book called ‘Commitment Issues’. It’s not a good book though, so it’s not long before she’s chatting online.

Obsidian and Barbara grab a plate of leftover salad and chat casually in the kitchen. In fact he spends so long chatting with Barbara that he’s nearly late for the school bus; sprinting to the bus at 08:50.

Chase just stops dancing and heads for the bus, Lucifer is just left standing there, he wasted the last hour waiting for chase to stop dancing, and he never even got to scare her, but he has something better planned for her, when she comes home from school. Biding his time until then, he approaches Eddie. Thinking of a way he can get him out the room, for no real reason than knowing Eddie didn’t want to. He divulged his Master plan to Eddie but gets no real reaction at all, and Eddie’s conversation about Diane’s face prompts harsh, yet ironic words, from Lucifer on how impolite he’s being. Eddie’s confusion left him being able to do little else, except get out and take a shower; he was a little ripe anyway. Lucifer, his black lips curling into a smile sat down and watched some TV.

"Aaaah crap!"

The loud gurgling noise, a clang and then the sound of running water, added to the sight of Eddie leaving the bathroom looking sheepish and guilty, announced the demise of the shower. Water spewed from the broken tap, and puddled on the floor of the bathroom.

Chet, who needed a few more hours kip after his fight with the burglar, woke at around 9 o’clock. He took a hotdog from the fridge and scoffed it outside. Ignoring doctor’s advice Chet went swimming straight afterwards”¦ Extreme!

Lucifer was the first person to notice the broken shower, his acute hearing drawing him to the source. Without any thought to fixing the shower itself, he mops up the water and leaves the bathroom as the water cascades on to the floor again.

Diane, Margaret and Barbara rush to see who can clean the dirty plates. Losing out to Margaret, Barbara and Diane walk to the bathroom to clean up the new puddles, taking one each.

After some more general milling about the house, people eating salad, some people going to the toilet and so forth. The broken bathroom has spewed more water on to the floor, and once again Diane and Barbara find themselves in competition over who gets to mop it up. Margaret doesn’t want to get involved with this silly competition so picks up a new book, this time involving unicorns. With the puddles mopped up, for now Barbara goes for a quick bath in a bathroom with a working bath.

"Ya big meanie...!"

Diane, fresh from her defeat in the ‘Women only puddle-mopping’ competition, sees Lucifer who has so far managed to avoid any mopping. She accuses him of being mean, Lucifer argues the best he can, but what is there to argue, he is mean. She follows up with more accusations about him being evil before storming off to do some angry mopping. As Barbara is occupying the only bath inside the house, Lucifer has to take the long walk to one of the external bathrooms.

Its 15:00 and Chase and Obsidian both finish school. Chase’s hard work at school has been enough to put her on the honour roll while Obsidian’s happy gets through another day without handing in any homework.

Chet is now so psyched after his extended swim that he just can’t help boasting. Although Margaret was not the most appropriate person to boast to, not really being into sports herself. She feigned a little interest through her boredom, but spotting Chet reading yesterday was enough for her to talk to him about books and they at least connected on some level.

"Oh! Fiddlesticks!"

Barbara was very relaxed as she got out of the bath. She was so relaxed, in fact that she didn’t look where she was putting her feet. Stepping on a bar of soap caused her to slip and she grabbed hold of the thing closest to hand”¦ the shower head. The shower head come off in her hands and water spewed out the top all over the floor of the second bathroom.

Chet’s superhuman hearing triggered again, and he rushed off to mop up the puddle, Barbara feeling very guilty over it beat him to it though and managed to clean the floor before him.

"Take that, you silly girl!"

Obsidian and Chase both arrive home, Obsidian’s need to paint catches him off guard and he rushes off to finish his painting. Chase, feeling very proud of her self for getting on the honour roll, isn’t expecting what happens next. Lucifer walks straight over to her, and slaps her. This is the first time that violence has broken out in the Sim-Brother house, and without any reason. Even more ludicrously, after receiving a vicious yet comedic slap, Chase tries to engage with Lucifer by gossiping with him. He’s in no mood for her, if he ever was, so mocks her snobbishness. Chase goes for a bath in one of the two remaining baths and Lucifer, suddenly attracted to one of the ever-growing puddles in the bathrooms, goes to help mop to stop him thinking of the silly girl.

Chet and Barbara race to the other bathroom in a desperate bid to mop up the new puddles. Though Barbara is just too quick for him, and Chet is left standing with nothing to do.

"Can you guess what it is yet? Seriously, can you?"

Obsidian finishes his painting. Although no-one knows what it is, no one says anything and one more picture goes on the wall.

Chet, who has temporarily at least, run out of puddles to mop, goes for a nice slow soak in the hot tub. Lucifer rushing out of the other bathroom, brandishing a mop, finds the most maniacal book on the shelf, ‘Totally Preggers: An Expectant Mothers tale’ and starts reading.

The low noise of the house is pierced by Diane’s cell phone. She says nothing, but clearly doesn’t like what she hears. Lucifer and Eddie who overhear the conversation wonder who rang her and what they’d said. Putting the phone back in her pocket, she nervously walks over to one of the bathrooms, and mops up a puddle.

"I'm not listening, la la la!"

Chase, fresh from her bath tries to do her homework before she is interrupted by Barbara, who once again wanted to enthuse about the new house with her. Chase had long since become bored with the house, so had nothing more than a sigh to add to the conversation. Her return topic about how much stuff she has, didn’t go down well with Barbara either. They get a little closer when Barbara got to know her, but when Chase boasted about her own swimming pool, a few points were knocked off.

The lure of the bathroom for Margaret is strong enough to take Margaret away from playing on the computer to mop up yet more puddles. When she was convinced that they were done, she picked up her third new book of the day, this time called ‘Abstract by Turkey.

Obsidian, seeing the only other teen in the house doing so well, finally had a good effect on him. Putting down the video game controller, he wandered outside, sat down on the floor and started doing his homework, being joined shortly afterwards by Chase.

The ever competitive Chet keeps one eye on Barbara. It’s not the act of mopping itself, but he has now been beaten several times to do it by Barbara and Chet doesn’t like being beaten. As soon as Chet saw Barbara heading off to the bathroom, that was it. He surged forward overtaking Barbara and beating her to the bathroom by seconds, mopping victoriously.

As the evening drew to a close, everyone found something to do. Lucifer was engrossed in the pregnancy book, Eddie continued watching TV, Diane whiled away a few minutes playing Foosball by herself, and Chase and Obsidian put the finishing touches to their homework.

Chet and Barbara’s competitiveness continued unabated, this time, over cleaning the toilet. Barbara beat him to it of course, but that didn’t stop Chet cleaning it a second time.

With the homework finished, the two teens are free to carry on enjoying themselves. In Chase’s case she ended the day how she started it, dancing alone in the hallway. Obsidian sought a more solitary type of fun, looking for peace and quiet in the Creative room, painting.

"Whoops! I mean, mwa ha ha ha!"

It was getting late and before heading to bed, Lucifer just needed a quick toilet break. Washing his hands as he finished. When he went to turn the tap off, it broke in his hands. For the third time today, an item had broken and even more water spewed onto the floor of the bathroom. Nonchalantly leaving the bathroom, he said nothing about it to Chet. Instead choosing to express how much he loves the house. Which in itself is likely to be a true feeling, what’s more chaotic and evil than two fully malfunctioning bathrooms. Chet feeling bored with yet another house enthusiasm conversation says nothing and goes to get a hotdog.

With so many broken items, everyone finished what they were doing and carefully went to bed, afraid to touch anything in-case it broke in their hands. Barbara was the first to go to bed at 22:00 turning off the lights in the bathroom for fear they may do something, if left on. Diane had a final go at clearing up the now quickly expanding puddle, before turning in a few minutes afterwards.

Lucifer had a last argument with Margaret about books, before they both went to their respective rooms at 10:40. Chet was the final person to go to bed, leaving Chase dancing, Obsidian painting, and Eddie still watching TV as Day 6 drew to a close.

Post Day Analysis.

Day 6 was certainly eventful. Firstly, the arrival of the burglar reminded me that I’d forgotten to put a burglar alarm in the house. Luckily, Chet intervened before she managed to nick anything. I had these images of the burglar just going from room to room pocketing everything of value. Am I going to add a burglar alarm? No, I’m not. I made the mistake, so my Sims can live with it.

After the attempted burglary, there were of course three bathroom items that broke; two baths and a sink. That, I can deal with in itself, It’s just bad luck. However, it’s not looking like any of the Sims are going to try to fix those items. I’m twice as sure that they won’t call a repair guy, as Sims tend not to do anything automatically if it involves spending money.

A good day for plumbers everywhere

Secondly, 5 out of the 8 Sims have a near psychotic need to mop things up, with Barbara, Diane and Chet being at the top. If they had any kind of automated intelligence surely they’d see that just mopping the puddles up isn’t going to help and look for a more practical solution.

On Day 8 I’ll be replacing those items (Day 7 in the case of the dishwasher), but that seems a long time to watch my Sims endlessly mopping.

Finally some action, Lucifer slapped Chase. It was in a comical fashion, but still a scary concept if you transpose it to real-life. I did finally understand why Lucifer does seem to be picking on Chase, it’s his ‘Dislikes Children’ trait. Obsidian tends to clear himself out of the way, so Chase is the obvious target, and that’s why their relationship lowered without them even interacting on Day 5.

At least something’s happening though, and there’s more fun to be had on Day 7, I’m sure. Although day 7 is a Saturday so it’s a whole day with all 8 of them. During the week it’s a little easier to watch because Chase and Obsidian go to school.

Skill increases

Chet – Athletics (Level 4)

Relationship Status’

*Technically, the person lowest in Chet’s estimation is the burglar. It’s funny how Chet knows her name, but doesn’t think of going to the police to tell them.

If you want to read more about the experiment, either click on the tab at the top of the page, or click here.

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