Sim Brother Experiment Day 4: The New House Guest

Another late night for over half of the house, but as the minutes ticked past each House-guest got weary and eventually went to bed. Only Obsidian remained, feeling fully refreshed from his good sleep. Obsidian was faced with a choice of either completing his homework for the first time or wiling away the hours of the morning playing video games. Video games 1 – Homework 0. Quietly reveling in the solitude of being the only one up at this time, he only got disturbed once when a hungry Diane woke-up to get some waffles, returning to bed half an hour later leaving the dirty plate outside.

With his solitude and quiet broken, so was his calm mind. Painting has always helped him calm down. After all, he still had that landscape in the Creative Room to finish.

I think Obsidian needs a bit more practice

Chase was the first to wake, and entered briefly staring at herself in the mirror in Margaret’s room, while Margaret slept. Gripped by a sudden paranoia that she’d left the taps running all night, she hurried to the sink to check. After calming herself down, she played a game of really early morning Foosball.

Margaret was the next person to wake, who must have somehow sensed that Chase had been in her room, as the first thing Margaret did after making her bed was to go into Chases room and start reading on her bed.

Chet and Eddie woke at pretty much the same time. Chet grabbed a refreshing shower and played ‘Extreme Darts’ and Eddie found his usual spot in front of the TV.

Lucifer woke next and after grabbing a hotdog from the fridge, shared his master-plan with Obsidian, which wasn’t as exciting to Obsidian as he’d hoped. Casually asking how each other had slept, and complaining about Art was as deep as this conversation went, with both parties feeling bored by the other person by the end.


Lucifer feeling antagonistic after his dull exchange with Obsidian crept up to Chase and scared her. This not only lead to Chase needing to go to the bathroom, but also a near obsessive need for Lucifer to clean the toilet as well.

Barbara woke at 08:00, and she’s just in time to hear the school bus horn, and the running figures of Chase and Obsidian bolting out of the door. Dutifully assigning herself the housewife role again, she busily cleaned the house without any thought to herself.

Diane is the last person to wake, and simply heads to the computers to play games. No ‘Good Mornings’ no breakfast, just gaming.

Mr. Smooth”

After watching TV for 4 hours, Eddie, who by now is rather peckish, finds Diane’s dirty plate in the garden and has an Eddie breakfast special. i.e. He licks the plate clean. His hunger somewhat abated, he heads back to the living area and carries on watching more television.

Chet, obviously having one of his less active days, grabs a hotdog, and wiles away the time with Diane. They chat about their favourite TV shows and generally just get to know each other. When Diane heads off to take a shower, Chet goes to join Eddie on the settee and play video games. Eddie, just happy to watch, ‘those video games just look to tiring’.

Bored of her book, Margaret tried to mend the bridge between Lucifer and herself. She chats openly to Lucifer, but what she says is met by yawns. He insulted her book-wormishness and even after Margaret once again tried to get Lucifer to see her side. He yawned, and walked off to get a shower, while Margaret feeling humiliated for trying to be friendly grabbed some food, and then played computer games to take her mind off it. The cavern between Margaret and Lucifer had gotten a little wider.

Barbara who’d been cleaning the house since she woke, hated the fact that Eddie is just sitting on the coach like an overstuffed pillow in green Y-fronts. Knowing that Eddie woke up in a particularly bad mood didn’t stop her marching over to Eddie, and in her firmest mother-voice asked Eddie to help clean the house. Anyone within ear-shot held their breath, knowing that asking Eddie to clean was like asking a lion to go vegetarian. Such is the power of Barbara’s tone, he agrees, apologises and goes to make the remaining beds. Barbara took a well-earned break, and enjoyed a sit down and a hotdog. Eddie returned back to the TV with a small sense of accomplishment from being of some help around the house.

“Yes Mum, sorry”

Once again the Sim-brother household is filled with the beeps and gongs of video, and computer games. Diane, Lucifer and Margaret are on the computers; Chet plays video games while being passively assisted by Eddie; even Barbara has put down the cleaning in favour of playing arcade games. This continues until Chase and Obsidian return from school bringing a visitor, Ethan Bunch home with them.

Despite how tired he is, Obsidian still does his homework.

As is now quite routine for her, Chase heads straight for the Kitchen where she gets out her homework. Obsidian has his day brightened by Ethan, which must have done his confidence the world of good, afterwards he gets his homework out and starts working on it with Ethan. Lucifer, who was about to try to scare Obsidian, sees him doing his homework for the first time. Even Lucifer has a conscience and can’t put him off, but he does have some pent-up animosity that needs to be unleashed. But who? Ah, Chase. Of course. What a Swot!

Margaret takes a brief toilet break from playing games, but on her return goes straight back to the computers. At least she was improving her chess skill this time around.

After her scare from Lucifer, Chase tried to flatter Lucifer.


No man can refuse her feminine wiles, no man except Lucifer anyway. The flattery does not go down well, and even after awkwardly enthusing about the house and asking about each others day. Chase and Lucifer are still just as awkward with each other. Chase went back to her homework, and Lucifer took his awkwardness out on Barbara giving her another ‘Lucifer Fright’. Feeling much calmer, Lucifer was content to just watch Chet play Video games.

Obsidian completed the first homework he’s ever done, but feeling so tired from being up so early, he headed off to bed leaving Ethan talking to Chase. Her opening line of ‘I’ve got sooo much stuff’ didn’t endear her to Ethan, but after listening to Ethan’s story, he at least didn’t think of her as shallow. Chase completed her homework and Ethan went to the Creative room to play Chess, even though he didn’t really know anyone in the house and manners would dictate that should probably now leave.

Does Margaret have a sexy secret…?

Margaret, now bored with playing chess, went to read one of the few books in the house that she hasn’t read; a book on pregnancy. Lucifer and Barbara spot this, just can’t help gossiping. Another angry moment from Lucifer, and before Barbara can get out of his way, Lucifer is yelling full volume at her, and ever the master at turning the other cheek, Barbara tried to get to know Lucifer so she could help. Feeling as if ‘It’s another job, well done’. Lucifer headed to the kitchen to get some food, while Barbara played more computer games.

Margaret, still feeling a little humiliated from Lucifer’s attack was put at ease when Diane asked how her day went. They spoke of books, and sensing how upset Margaret was, had her day brightened by Diane.

With the day drawing to a close, the house guests started feeling tired. Chet, after a brief evening swim went to bed first. Eddie got up off the couch where he’d spent 90% of his day, grabbed a shower and some waffles and went to a bed with a full stomach. Barbara saved her computer game and headed off to bed at around the same time. Lucifer and Diane were not far behind. Ethan finally got the point that he may have outstayed his welcome, and went home at just after 23:00.

When the clock strikes 00:00 on Day 4 there are only two people left awake. Margaret who is munching her way through a snack, while she takes a break from her pregnancy book; and Chase who is still dancing away in the hall away.

Chase Struts her stuff

Post Day Analysis.

Right, well after Day 4 the computer games are sucking away most of the interaction elements. At one point everyone in the house was playing computer games. It’s weird, and I can hear myself turning into my mother as I type this, but if they’re just going to spend all their days on the computer they’re not going to experience life. So at dead on 00:00, 2 computers and 2 arcade games were removed from the house. No explanation and no regrets, as stated on day 3. There are no rules on the changing of furniture, so it’s done.

This should lead to a more active mood around the house, and now maybe Eddie won’t have all those friendships dropped into his lap.

Other than that the day had some interesting elements. Ethan Bunch turning up was not as dramatic as it could be, but he did get Obsidian to finish his homework for the first time ever, which is going to help his low C school grade.

Lucifer is still grating on people. The yelling and the insulting is much more common, I’m sure it won’t be long before a fight breaks out.

Still no ‘Cabin Fever’ moodlet yet either not that Chase and Obsidian are going to get it anyway, as they leave the house for school.

Skill increases

Obsidian – Painting Level 3

Relationship Status

We have finally had the first friendship in the house, between Chet and Eddie. It’s no great surprise, with Eddie just sitting on the settee anyone who plays video games or watches tv is going to get a relationship increase with him. This has also lead to the bizarre fact that Eddie prefers Lucifer to Barbara. Lucifer has played a fair amount of computer games, Barbara hasn’t ergo Eddie likes Lucifer more.

If you want to read more about the experiment, either click on the tab at the top of the page, or click here.

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