Shortest Trip to Earth: The Supporters Pack DLC Launching Tomorrow

Two months after the roguelike sci-fi game Shortest Trip to Earth was released, Interactive Fate are happy to announce the release of their first DLC, Shortest Trip to Earth: The Supporters Pack which will be hitting Steam for the PC for free on October 23rd.

Shortest trip to Earth ended up as one of the Top Steam games for August 2019 and the first DLD adds a new playable ship, unique crew, drones, pets and nukes. Plus you also get a PDF that sketchbook that shows the development of Shortest Trip to Earth and the Original Soundtrack.

If you want to find out more about Shortest trip to Earth then head over to our Shortest trip to Earth Early Access Preview and take a read.

The Supporters Pack? What’s in it?

  • A new playable ship known as the Battle Tiger designed to transport VIP crew safely through hostile space. The Battle Tiger already starts with its VIP crew who are known to bring aboard their exotic pets and drones. There’s always a cat and a dog on board, plus you can add custom nukes and modules that not only look awesome but will make your trip back home a hell of a lot easier.
  • Ten new crew/ drones/ pets
  • Five new nukes and five new modules
  • A “Shortest Trip Sketchbook Scribbles” PDF that shows the development of Shortest Trip to Earth shown as a collage of sketches and scribbles that span from 2010 to 2019.
  • A “Shortest Trip OST” that features four independent musicians playing 23 meditative tracks of Shortest Trip to Earth.
  • Plus, more stuff will be added, such as new ships, weapons, modules and more over the course of next year.

Shortest Trip to Earth: The Support Pack is released tomorrow October 23rd and is free on PC Steam. For the base game Shortest Trip to Earth head over to the official Steam page.

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