Pocket Legends Update with Two New Classes

pocket legends new classesIf you are one of the eight million people who have downloaded Pocket Legends then you’ll be very interested to know about all the goodies Spacetime Studios have introduced in the latest update. Although if you are one of those eight million people you probably already know about them, in which case I’m talking to the remaining seven or so billion people who haven’t played it. Assuming of course they’re all interested, which they should be.

Where was I? Oh yeah the update. Well there’s a load of new stuff for you to get your teeth in to.

The main change that everyone seems to be frothing at the mouth over is the addition of two new playable character classes, a vixen (female fox) Ranger and a rhino Paladin. But that‘s not all. You seriously thought they would just leave it at that? Well probably not, my pre-ample kinda suggested that there was more.

vixen ranger rhino paladin classes pocket Legends

You also get all of this.

  • New Elite Bossfight – Battle a level 76 Red Dragon
  • New Dungeons – Including a heroic instance; the Dragonet of Fire Forest just got meaner in the “Forgotten Forest”
  • New 3 vs. 3 Capture the Flag PVP map – Fight for flags and glory in the Burning Flats
  • New Ranks – Two original options for all existing classes skills
  • New Items -Including exclusive vanity drops for previously existing characters
  • New Low Level Drops -Better weapons and shields for lower levelled characters
  • Return of Winterfest – Pocket Legends’ X-Mas celebration returns with new vanity drops and store items

It’s clear to see why Pocket Legends is so popular if they keep throwing out content like this.

As a pointless but rather interesting fact, Pocket Legends has the same number of players as people who live in London.

pocket legends update spacetime studios logo

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