Marblelous Animals Released on Nintendo Switch!

After tremendous success on mobile devices, Moad Studios’ Marblelous Animals has now made the transition to the Nintendo Switch. Marblelous Animals is an action, and puzzle game where you take on a 3rd person view and play in a bright and colourful animal world.

A land filled with a wide diversity of animals, all getting fat on junk food. Luckily their new rotund shape makes them perfect for rolling. Through all the dangers and hazards do you have what it takes to roll our new friends back to their natural habitat?

Take on the role of each animal, and roll them through the wildest and most dangerous habitats in the world from the savannah, the desert, jungles and the deltas of Africa. Collect coins as you roll and unlock even more animals to join your adventure.

Each level is filled with mechanisms such as walkways, moving platforms, jumps, thrusters and other objects to add excitement to your journey home.

Key Features

  • 40 levels divided into 2 great worlds. Fast, agile and precise gameplay.
  • Enjoy total control of the animals thanks to the gyroscope control system.
  • Great variety of cute characters, you will not know to choose which you like more.
  • Different kinematics, at the beginning of each game, the selected animal or animals will make a short and fun kinematics.
  • In addition to the main levels, you will find different mini-games within the game, making the game even funnier.

Marblelous Animals is now available in digital format for Nintendo Switch, exclusively on Nintendo eShop.

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Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin

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